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Subject: Re: "What would you do if..." Character Survey
Author: Etoile   (Authenticated as Etoile)
Date: June 5, 2012 at 2:58:54 PM
Reply to: "What would you do if..." Character Survey by Rachael
I was doing a response with just Spencer, but then I saw La Re's response, so here are my usuals, Spencer and Roman.

First off, what's your name?
Roman Malinowicz
Spencer Montgomery
And I'm going first today. Ha!
Roman, stop acting like you're five.
I'm not five, I'm...

How old are you?
I wish text could convey the judgmental look I'm giving you.
Oh, come on, you love me. And you're 26 as of today! Happy birthday!
Yes. Yes, I am.

(Note: Their story takes place in the future, 2018 at the time of this, to be specific, but Spencer's birthday is indeed June 5)

Describe yourself.
I'm from Poland, but I grew up in Chicago, and I just finished getting a master's degree in violin performance.
I'm from Boston, and now I live just outside of Chicago. I recently graduated from law school.
I'm also his boyfriend.

Alright, what would you do if you saw someone drop a hundred dollar bill on the floor?
Give it back. I do that with coins, so of course I'll do it with a hundred dollar bill.

What would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse?
Oh God...
First of all, I would try to gain the trust of other survivors in the area so that I could gain a leadership position. I think I'm a very good leader, as well as good at making tough decisions under pressure, and I'd hope that the others would notice that. I would then determine the skills of the others and assign them tasks that made use of those skills, and I might also organize efforts to gather up food, weapons, and other supplies, but I think I'd have to appoint someone else to be something of a military commander and strategist. What about you, Roman? I was thinking you'd be in charge of one of the scavenging groups, but I'm not sure.
...Why are you looking at me like that?

I'm not sure whether I should think it's disturbing that you've obviously thought about this before or endearingly nerdy.
Well, what would you do?
I think I'd be the one who raises morale by playing music. Then I guess I probably would do something like whatever it was you said for me to make myself more useful.

What would you do if you ruled the world?
I honestly have no idea. You're the future politician, Spencer.
I don't really know, either. I guess I'd start by making policies to try to fix any problems in the world I could think of, starting with issues of inequality, I'm sure, but beyond that, I don't know. I don't even know if it would be possible to do that. I'd probably abdicate someday, too.
So you've daydreamed about what you'd do in a zombie apocalypse, but not if you ruled the world.
I guess so. Yeah.
I love you.

What would you do if your best male friend said he was in love with you?
Oh, look, that was actually the next question.
Well, I do.
I love you, too.
I think that answers that.

What would you do if your best female friend said she was in love with you?
Laugh. She'd never say that and be serious about it. She's practically my sister. Besides, she has a boyfriend who is, you know, straight.
I'd have the same reaction. I'm not really sure exactly who qualifies as my best female friend, but both of my choices have boyfriends.

What would you do if you had to get married? Right now. To anyone you know.
Spencer Hancock Montgomery IV, will you marry me?
Yes, but only if you promise to never use my middle name again.
That is what we would do.
...Wait, are we engaged now?
No? Yes? Maybe? Do you want to be?
Yes? But I don't know if we should consider ourselves officially engaged now.
That's probably a good idea.

What would you do if you someone handed you a baby?
Hold it until they take it back? Unless we're talking handing me a baby and saying "This is your new son/daughter!" in which case I'd have to say that I can't raise a baby right now.
That's what I'd do as well.

What would you do if you woke up to find a stranger in your house?
Call the police, change the locks, things like that.
If I were still in my old apartment, I'd assume it was a friend of Jonas's (my ex-roommate) and yell at him, but now, I have to agree with Roman.
Well, good, because I'd be pretty scared to live with someone who didn't have that kind of common sense.

What would you do if you if you saw someone being mugged?
Call the police?
Same. And go to help the person if the mugger left. I wouldn't try to fight the mugger, though. Too risky.

What would you do if your best male friend asked you to rob a bank?
Oh... my... God... Can't... breathe...
What's so funny?
I'm trying... to imagine you... asking me to rob a bank. It makes no sense! Okay, I think I'm better now...
I'd just ask him how much he'd been drinking to suggest something like that.
Probably a good plan. And if I was drunk, I'd probably get bored with that idea and end up wanting to make out with you instead.
I certainly wouldn't complain about that.

What would you do if your best female friend asked you to move in with them (if you live with them, use your second best female friend)?
Be very confused. Everyone in our circle of friends has moved in with their significant others recently, including us.
Except for Martin and Asher.
Well, Asher still has his roommates and Martin lives in a closet, so that might be a little hard for them at the moment.
I don't think that's the best way to describe his apartment.
Why? I said he lives in a closet, not the closet. He most certainly is not in the closet.
Fine, fine. Whatever you say.

What would you do if someone killed your best friend, and you knew who they were and where they are?
Go to the police, turn the killer in, and make sure they get a life sentence.
Sounds like a good plan to me. I'd probably also break down sobbing at some point.

What would you do if an alien asked you to help save their planet?
Hold on, let me guess. You've thought about this, too.
I will neither confirm nor deny that.
So you have.
No comment. I'd find out as much as I could before making my decision, and if it seemed like I could help, I would. I'd also make a point of learning as much about their culture as possible, and I'd probably tell the scientific community and eventually the media.
I was just going to say I'd say yes in a heartbeat even if I was way over my head, so clearly I haven't planned it like Spencer has.
I never said I planned it!
You also never denied it, and you'd rather be evasive than lie, so since you were evasive, I assume you have thought about it.
OK, fine! I have! I was sixteen and bored!

What would you do if you were alive 100 years ago?
Hopefully not fighting in WWI.
But you'd make a wonderful soldier-poet!
That would be you, not me, I think.
Sadly, you're probably right. And you'd be a young lawyer, and we'd have a scandalous, secret relationship that was being tried by the war and in danger of being uncovered and ruining our reputations.
I love your imagination.
Oh, and hopefully neither of us would be dying of the flu.
Yes. We can't forget that.

How about 1,000 years ago?
I think I'd be a random peasant in the area that is now Poland or something like that. Maybe a bard. Did they even have bards then?
To be honest, I'm not actually sure. I'd be an aristocrat in pre-Norman-Conquest England, I think. Or maybe I'd be a Norman noble, I'm not sure.

10,000 years ago?
We'd be hunter-gatherers.

What would you do if you found a magic genie lamp?
Save it until I actually needed it.
I'd probably just use up all of my wishes impulsively, or wish for a successful music career and then feel guilty about it later because I didn't properly earn it.

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