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Subject: Re: Since the board has been kind of slooow...
Author: December Kat   (Authenticated as sweetkit)
Date: June 23, 2012 at 4:32:12 PM
Reply to: Since the board has been kind of slooow... by Billina
From the diary of Kilara Novera, age 16, August 23rd, 987
Translated from Lembrish by the author for her memoir A Lembrish Girl in Trinculo

Dear Diary,

In honor of my new school, I stopped by the campus bookshop and picked up a journal to record my thoughts in. For the record, my mother didn't want me to go here. She wanted me to go to the college on Lembria, so that I would be closer to her and Papa. Of course, I was considerably less keen on the idea. Going to university on Lembria would have meant staying with Mama and Papa, which I was fairly keen on not doing. My old house had been my great-great-grandmother's, and it was chockablock with all sorts of moldy furniture, not to mention dear old Mama and Papa themselves. They're farmers, you see, really simple folk, so they were never keen on having a more intellectual daughter like me. Frankly, I was sick of them trying to belittle me into the perfect little farm girl they wanted from the beginning. Of course, my brother Toris is still there, but he doesn't count, since Alumnian law says that only daughters can inherit. And since I don't have any sisters (unfortunately) I get the "honor" of being the heir to my family's estate.

Anyway, Crossroads Academy is pretty different from what I'm used to. Hardly anyone speaks Lembrish around here, everything's either in Alumnian. I already learned Alumnian back on Lembria, so I didn't need to take the ASL class they offer.I did, however, sign up for Hindonese. As an adult, I'd like to go into international politics, so it helps to learn another language. My roommate Tasla says I'm crazy for picking Hindonese. She says Hindon's not big enough to bother with learning the language. According to her, Rodinian's the more likely candidate to become an international language.


[Historical Note: Novera's roommate would later be proven wrong as, over the next 70 years Hindon became of increasing wealth and prominance in global politics. Novera herself would go on to become a well-respected scholar and diplomat, eventually earning the post of Alumnian ambassador to Hindon.]

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I reject your reality and substitute my own!

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