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Subject: Of course! ;-)
Author: December Kat   (Authenticated as sweetkit)
Date: June 23, 2012 at 8:07:48 PM
Reply to: Are you up for writing another entry? by Billina
(PG-13 for mentions of violence)

From the diary of Kilara Novera, age 18, June 1st, 989
Translated from Lembrish by the author for her memoir A Lembrian Girl in Trinculo

Dear Diary,

Here it is. Graduation Day. It's kind of sad, really. I've enjoyed my time at Crossroads. I feel welcome here, despite the teasing I've endured because of my Lembrian heritage. At least I have friends who don't care where I grew up. Some of them even asked me to teach them some Lembrish phrases! One of them, Catherine, is an exchange student from Hindon. She says that she loves it here, but I think that the students here hate Hindonis even more than Lebisis.* To be honest, I'm a little worried about her. I've seen people talking behind her back, calling her some truly horrible things, some of which I don't even see fit to repeat here in my diary. After today, Catherine's going back to Hindon; her parents don't think it's safe for her to stay here. Of course, she gets the brunt of the hatred because of her blonde hair. The dark haired Hindonis get less because they apparently look more Tuzlu**, which isn't really fair to anyone. How can anyone choose what color skin they were born with?


[Historical Note: The day after graduation, Novera's friend Catherine Littlefield was found beaten unconscious in the school bathroom. Crossroads Academy was forced to issue a statement denying all involvement in the incident. One the first day of the new school year, there was an all-school assembly advocating tolerance of others different from oneself. Littlefield was taken to Amity General Hospital and later died due to internal bleeding. This incident was believed to have fueled Novera's desire to advocate racial tolerance.]

*ethnic group native to Lembria Island
**majority ethnic group in Alumnia
***second highest rank of nobility, lower only than the royal family of Alumnia

I reject your reality and substitute my own!

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