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Subject: Short Story Writing Game
Author: TaraDactyl   (Authenticated as Rocketsox)
Date: July 4, 2012 at 12:29:21 AM
I found this game on another website, But, sadly, that website is very inactive. So, I decided to transfer it over here!

The rules are that someone will start the game by saying a random word prompt. The next poster will write for exactly five minutes on the prompt. The time is flexible, and I'm setting it to five minutes so that it can go smoothly and quickly. If you want to start this game up again, you are free to choose your time limit, or you can dispose of it entirely!

Next, the writer adds their own one word prompt to the end of the story once finished. They then post their story, and the game continues into infinity. I'll start the game off with a word prompt. And, this game is built on the honor system. Five minutes is all you are allowed to have, so please don't cheat.

The word is: Pernicious

Have fun!

"I'm a very important man. I've got a tower."

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