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Subject: Character Names
Author: Alli Brooke   (Authenticated as allibrooke1223)
Date: July 4, 2012 at 8:37:44 AM
I need help naming 3 characters.

1) A 19 year old boy with brown wavy hair and grey eyes. He is a comic book artist. He is laidback and quiet. He lived with his single mother(Phyllis) and 16 year old sister(Katelyn Marie).

2) His 18 year old girlfriend who has long dark brown hair, side bangs and mint green eyes. She is sweet and caring. She's lived with her grandmother(Henrietta) since she was 6.

3) Their future baby son. (If you want, you can suggest how you think he should look.)

Plese tell me which name comes to mind based off their appearence and traits. This is only for characters, probably not becoming a story at any time. Depending on their name will determine style. These characters are not very complex, just asking for names.

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