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Subject: Mine
Author: Etoile   (Authenticated as Etoile)
Date: July 7, 2012 at 3:52:44 PM
Reply to: Self-fanfic game? (+sorry for abandoning Trope Month) by Etoile
I shall be using my grad school student characters for this, as I've been working mainly on them lately and am thus very out of practice with my 18th century characters (although if you remember them, I suppose you could prompt me with them). Anyway, I'll try to keep this short because I have lots of characters in this story and have thought about their backstories and futures in lots of detail for at least a few of the characters. Anyway, to introduce you, refresh your memory, and/or inform you of changes since I last mentioned them, I have:

Spencer Montgomery, a rich law student from the Boston area who wants nothing more than to become the first openly gay president of the United States. In some ways the overall main character.

Roman Malinowicz, a violin performance student (and all-around musician) who was born in Poland and grew up in Chicago. Bisexual, although it takes him a while to admit it, and eventually ends up in a relationship with Spencer.

Maya Solomon, a medical student from New York City whose family has a summer home near the Montgomery family's summer home and has thus known Spencer since childhood and is his best friend.

Caleb Hayashi, a biology student from San Francisco who ends up becoming a high school teacher, Roman's roommate. Has a Belligerent Sexual Tension relationship with Maya that last for years before they finally get together.

Veronica Medina, a journalism student from Denver, Colorado, who went to college with Maya and is her roommate. Has a boyfriend named Brandon McCall, a computer nerd with an internship in California at the start of the story.

Martin Hahn, also a law student and also gay (though not interested in Spencer... when they're sober), but much less ambitious and driven than Spencer. He's temperamental and often comes off as rude and arrogant to maintain something of a "cool lone wolf" image, but is an overall good person.

Asher Cohen, an entry-level editor at a publishing house (shoved into the romance novel department) when the story starts, and eventually quits to get his PhD in literature. Yet another gay guy (because apparently my gender and sexual orientation ratios always get messed up somehow), ends up in a relationship with Martin.

Jonas Harper, Spencer's roommate, a business student. Rather immature, dislikes Spencer but is stuck with him because of the lease, has a sort-of-girlfriend named Kayla Abernathy, who thinks Spencer and Martin are her "gay best friends".

There are a lot of other characters, but these are the ones who appear the most. I'm currently writing the story as a TV series, and this information applies to roughly the first three seasons of it as currently planned. Overall, I'd call it a "dramedy", specifically a bit of a sitcom with a lot of serious plots and other elements, gaining some aspects of other genres (such as hospital dramas and legal procedurals) as the characters leave school and move into their careers, frequently, but not always, parodied.

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