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Subject: Re: Self-fanfic game?
Author: Parfaitcheri   (Authenticated as sarinvae)
Date: July 7, 2012 at 5:08:12 PM
Reply to: Self-fanfic game? (+sorry for abandoning Trope Month) by Etoile
So I’m going away for a week tomorrow. Should I receive any prompts they’ll be done after I get back as I probably won’t have internet where I’m going.

Just to keep in mind, my characters are all mages, unless states otherwise (so only one of them isn’t).

Saul: Noticeably foreign with a joie de vivre. Saul spends his time instructing students in the art of magic (when he’s not messing with their heads for fun). He enjoys being somewhat eccentric and would prefer to spend his days lazing away than doing anything important.

Aurelia: Saul’s wife. Together they have four children and one adopted son. Aurelia is an ambassador with a bit of a superiority complex. She’s not particularly domestic but tries her best and loves her family very much.

Logan: Aurelia and Saul’s close friend. Logan is a serious man who very rarely bends the rules. Whenever he has bent the rules, it’s been at the insistence of Saul and Aurelia who can get in a bit of trouble together (especially Saul). He also instructs students, though at a lower level. His relationship with Saul and Aurelia is often less than platonic.

Silas: Silas was your typical pretty bishi boy without a care in the world. He reveled in the attention he got from others and was somewhat of a mystery. Since becoming a parents however he’s become a bit of a nervous nelly and can be overly protective of his kids.

Baal: Silas’s partner. Baal is a calm, wise, reserved man. Being significantly older than the other characters he often acts as the voice of reason. He is in charge of all the mage instructors and is pretty much the only reason the dynamic duo (Saul and Logan) got their jobs.

Deirick: Deirick is phenomenally irresponsible. He loves nothing more than to drink, fight, eat and do other things that start with F. He gets into a great deal of trouble but he is laid-back and jolly. Nothing ever gets him down and he’s never upset for very long. Can’t hold a grudge to save his life.

Malcolm: The prince next in line for the throne. Malcolm is fun loving and a bit of a rogue but he’s very skilled at handling politics. He and Aurelia have maintained a cordial friendship for years. Has a wife named Camilla and two children. Non-mage

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