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Subject: Here you go
Author: Kaesy   (Authenticated as Kaesy)
Date: July 8, 2012 at 8:32:29 PM
Reply to: Self-fanfic game? (+sorry for abandoning Trope Month) by Etoile
Alright, this is a weird one, i'm just warning you... So i was in a store with my sisters, and we were looking at jars of spices and seasonings, and giving each other spice names. So then i thought, what if these were actually the names of people? So then i decided to come up with a situation in which people might actually have spice names... and i ended up with a post-apocalyptic type world, in which these characters wake up after some mysterious disaster with no memory of their past and take their names from spice jars because they have to call each other something. So here we have it...

Celery Salt "Cel" - He sort of becomes the leader of the group, being a focused and organized type of guy - if he sees a need, he will take initiative to see to it. He plans to rebuild the messed up world they have found themselves in and dreams of a bright new future.

Whole Fennel Seed "Fennel" - She just really wants to know what happened. Her only goal is to rediscover the past. The general lack of answers causes her to be a bit cynical at times, but never less determined. She's sure there is an explanation for everything, and she is not going to put up with any crap.

Curry Powder "Curry" - He believes that they have been given an amazing opportunity - a chance to start their lives over completely. Whatever is in the past is behind them now, so why worry about it? He will eventually be discovered to have had a somewhat shady past.

Ground Ginger "Ginger" - She believes in living for the present. She doesn't seem as concerned about the strange things that have apparently gone on as some members of the group - after all, what can she do about any of it? If they're lucky to be alive, then now they should enjoy their lives.

Leaf Rosemary "Rose" - She is mostly concerned about other people. She really wants to help all the people affected my this unknown disaster - if only they could find them. She thinks of the little group as a family, since they've been together as long as they can remember, and she will do anything to keep them together.

3 Inch Cinnamon Stick - She's the crazy one. It was her idea to give everyone spice names. She refuses to acknowledge the situation they are in is strange, since there is nothing else to compare it to. At times she seems only interested in seemingly inconsequential things, like random pieces of debris, but i have suspicions than she knows more than she seems to.

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