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Subject: Re: Self-fanfic game? (+sorry for abandoning Trope Month)
Author: lakin5   (Authenticated as lakin5)
Date: July 9, 2012 at 11:37:15 AM
Reply to: Self-fanfic game? (+sorry for abandoning Trope Month) by Etoile
The series I'm using is the one I had been for most of the surveys! The setting is morden day and the location mainly takes place in Galesville, Kansas, a fictional small town. The genre is mostly comedy but has some serious moments mixed in. The characters maybe a little exaggerated for comedy. The story takes place around the time of 4 years, starting when most of the characters are 13-14.

Main characters:

Ellie Solomon- She is a huge fangirl and loves to talk about it too. Her best friend is Thea, who is a fellow fangirl. She is happy-go-lucky and full of energy. She is a girly-girl and a total romantic. She is idealistic but her ideas maybe too far reality to begin to happen. Her mother owns a flower shop in which Ellie tends to help at. When she was six, she father died during the war in the Middle East, and it makes Ellie sad to think about it.

Thea Campbell- Thea is tomboyish and sarcastic in nature. She is short tempered and aggressive. She is an in the closet fangirl because she is afraid that she will get teased for it. She is defensive and insecure but masks it with a tough exterior. She used to be best friends with Franny until Franny stopped being her friend because she became popular. Because this happened, Thea is afraid this happening again so is wary of some people. Esspecially Kyle, who is in constant competition with Thea, and they tend to argue a lot.

Sheldon Zimmerman- He is very smart and nerdy. He is interested in science, mainly astrology. He is very kind and gentle. He has a crush on Ellie but she is too oblivious about it. He is enjoys sifi and is very nostalgic about it.

Kyle Anderson- Though he maybe be a jerk at times, he tries to look out for his friends, esspecially Thea. He is on the wrestling team and loves video games. He tends to be the instigator for most of his and Thea's fights. He tends to be arogant but has an certain understanding of Thea, since they were close friends when they were little.

Katie Black- She is sporty but feminine. She is on the soccer team and is passionate about it. She is best friends with Toby Cameron and Jeremy Anderson. She tends to call Jeremy, Remy as a pet name. She is very cool and collected for the most part. She loves Pandas and David Beckham.

Jolie Palmer- She cares much for personal appearances and loves make up. She is can be nice for the most part but tends to make fun of her twin sister, Jezebel, for being nerdy.

Jezebel Palmer- She is very brainy and cares about school. She is rather nice but makes snarky comebacks, mainly to her twin sister Jolie. She is rather shy and is on the school band playing the trumpit. She loves classical music.

Other characters:

Xavier Campbell- Thea's annoying 10 year old brother. For comdy purposes, he openly has a crush on Ellie but she lets him off gently. Once he finds out that Sheldon has a crush on Ellie too, he tries his best to get rid of the competition. When is gets older, he gets over his crush with Ellie and becomes more or less a player.

Franny Fitzgerald- Her family is the richest family in Galesville. She likes to show off and likes to win. She is enemies with Thea. Franny and her cousins tend to compete to see who will be head of their family company, when they are older.

Jeremy Anderson- Kyle's older brother, who is on the soccer team. He is more sensitive and sweet compared to his brother. He tends to be calm and great advice giver. He's best friends with Katie and Toby.

Toby Cameron- On the soccer team as well. He is a goofball and tends to be a screw up. He mainly a comic relief character. Best freinds with Jeremy and Katie.

Gwen Poletti- A fellow fangirl and Texas native. She is known for her weird and colorful sense of style. She loves art and makes art pieces out of desposable items.

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