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Subject: Alright!
Author: Rachael   (guest,
Date: July 16, 2012 at 9:47:48 AM
Reply to: Self-fanfic game? (+sorry for abandoning Trope Month) by Etoile
I am so late... *facepalms* :P

I actually started yesterday but I shut down my computer... so... yeah.

Using my Frenchies. Why I included their middle names I have no idea...

So here's the characters (mostly copying my old post of them):

Gabriel Lefebvre is a super happy, almost always optimistic and very fun loving. His eyes never open (well, on camera). He's great at math, but his grammar, handwriting and spelling are awful. He's the most innocent (and occastionally oblivious) character. He can have some pretty zany ideas, too. Not quite sure how to explain him... He lives with his parents, older sister (in art middle school), and teen brother Jean-Antoine (who is popular, and, thus, can be kind of a jerk.), who torments him to no end.

Fulbert Dupont is Gabriel's best friend, he's the level headed one of the two. He's hardworking, and loves sports, theartre, and reading. He has a mom, step-dad, and step-brother, Luc, much older. They are very supportive and loving, but when his parents divorced, his father ended up with custody, so he usually lives with him, his step-mother and younger step-sister, twin half-brothers, and two half-sisters. They are not very loving, except for his half-siblings. He's pretty sweet and awesome.

Camille Lemaire is new to the area, living with her grandmother, twin brother Corin (see bottom), and little sister Charlotte (for an undetermined reason). She is sporty, fun, and lives under Theodora, so they're friends. She also quickly grows to be close with Gabriel and Fulbert. She's very smart, the girl who got the full scholarship (two kids get one). Out of stuff to say...

Theodora Roux does not like Gabriel, and he's blissfully oblivious to the fact, considering them close friends. She can be pretty tomboyish and is also very smart. She likes sports and enjoys music. She lives with her mother. She also has a nineteen year old brother, Richard, who's out of the country for some reason. Her and Rufin have that kind of tease-each-other friendship. She calls him 'Canada'

Rufin Tremblay is the ginger, glasses-wearing, nerdy kid. Lived in Canada until he was four, speaks English and French fluently, lots of Italian, a good amount of Spanish and is taking German in school. Pretty typically nerdy, but also loves Hockey and is pretty good.

Other major reoccuring (can't spell) characters:

Mathieu Rousseau is ITALIAN, and very proud of it. He's athletic, smart, and a little conceited sometimes. But, he's also very nice, a little silly and funny. He's good friends with Gabriel and Fulbert.

Hugues Mercier is Mathieu's best friend. He was given up by his mom when he was about three, and has vague memories of her. He was adopted by Roland Mercier (took the last name, what his mom wanted), who has a civil union with Jules Amblard (no gay marriages in France, if they had done it earlier, no adoptions, either). His friends tease him about it, but they're really accepting of it.

Josette Legrand is Camille's best friend. She's a big eater (only 2nd biggest, though) and a tomboy. She pushed for girls to be allowed to wear the boys uniform. She's also good friends with Olivier and Yvette.

Agnés Moreau is Theodora's best friend. She's very artistic and kind of quiet due to having a super-hyper little brother.

Edgar Chevailier is Rufin's best friend. He's awkward and shy, but also very smart, he got the boy's full scholarship, but didn't tell anyone. That was the only way he could attend because his parents are abusive. Eventually, it will be revealed (though otherwise just hinted) and he will be adopted (before he's 11, at the least).

Corentin "Corin" Lemaire is Camille's twin brother. He's super athletic and talented. He especially loves football (or soccer, or whatever). My brother created him.

Wallis Perrot is super over-dramatic, dreams of being an actor. He is 'madly in love' with Yvette (and will either continue with that or switch around, I'm not quite sure). Best friends with Brice.

Kelly Martin is the hockey-loving American. She's a total tomboy. Rufin was her first friend, because he speaks English and French. She later becomes best friends with Xavier and then friends with Corin and Zacharie.

There's also the rest of the class.

Pascal Gauthier, the computer geek. Best friends with Quentin, close to Rufin and Edgar.

Quentin Dubois, the gamer. He's best friends with Pascal, close to Rufin and Edgar.

Ursaline Blanc, the skater. Best friends with Nathalie and Susanne. Close to Theodora and Agnés.

Nathalie Bernard is a tomboy like Ursaline. Best friends with Ursaline and Susanne. Close to Theodora and Agnés.

Susanne Fontaine is a guitar player, best friends with Ursaline and Nathalie. Gabriel's first cousin. Close to Theodora, Agnés, and Gabriel.

Olivier Petit eats and sleeps... A LOT. ALL THE TIME. Best friends with Yvette. Close to Josette and Camille.

Yvette Faure is kind of shy, with a little crush on Gabriel. Best friends with Olivier. Close with Josette, Camille, Isabelle, and Lucie.

Isabelle Lambert is very shy and loves to read. Best friends with Lucie.

Lucie Bonnet loves dancing, especially ballet. Best friends with Isabelle.

Valentine Barbier is super popular and pretty, but nice. Fulbert has a crush on her. Best friends with Delphine.

Delphine Garnier, also popular, loves her hair. Best friends with Valentine.

Brice Bertrand wants to be an explorer. His dream is to climb Mt. Everest. Also a great swimmer. Adopted as a baby by an overprotective religious couple. Best friends with Wallis.

Xavier Francois is athletic, but more introverted. Best friends with Kelly (so he's very patient), close with Zacharie and Corin.

Zacharie Fournier is a tough guy, and could be in honors if he wanted, but doesn't want to be a nerd. Best friends with Corin. Close with Xavier and Kelly.

So, yeah, bring on the AUs, crackships, genderbends, drunk teen versions, cliches, and actually good fanfic topics.


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