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Subject: Re: In Desperate need of Names and Constructive Criticism
Author: klundtacular   (Authenticated as klundtacular)
Date: July 24, 2012 at 6:45:29 AM
Reply to: In Desperate need of Names and Constructive Criticism by Quinn T. Senchel
Have you look at the ethnic name pages? There are two pages of Arabic male names[]=masculine&type_usage=1&operator_usage=&value_usage[]=arabic. One page of male Turkish names[]=masculine&type_usage=1&operator_usage=&value_usage[]=turkish. Personally I like Umut because it means "hope" and there is an irony there. It's also not that difficult for an English speaker to say in their minds. Here are the Persian names[]=masculine&type_usage=1&operator_usage=&value_usage[]=iranian. One page of Turish surnames and another of Arabic surnames And seven names under Iranian

There are two pages of male Irish names[]=masculine&type_usage=1&operator_usage=&value_usage[]=irish. And two pages of Irish surnames

A conversation we often have on this board regarding names for characters is that really you ought to think about the parents of the character. What would they want their child to be called and why. The only caveat for that is if your character forced people to call him by a nickname or something.

I'm not a fantasy reader (I don't care for the conventions) so I can't really tell you in that specific genre if your story is cliche or too complex. I would suggest that since you're not using English names that you make sure visually your names don't look similar (length, letters) so that the character are easier to tell apart.

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