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Subject: Guinevere "Gwen" Leonhart
Author: Fleur   (guest,
Date: August 10, 2012 at 12:05:56 PM
Reply to: Create main character by yellowstar24
Genre: Fantasy
Full name: (subject)
Age: 18
Species: veela
height: 5' 6"
weight: 120lbs
birth date: December 2nd, ED (early dawn)
Eye color: grayish blue
hair color/length/style: light brown, reaches her shoulders, and wavy
Home: A small cottage in the snow-covered province known as the "Frost Region."
Character Trait 1: Loyal
Character Trait 2: Ambitious
Best friend(s): Siofra White (an elf) and Kody Cunningham (were-bear)
Enemies: Elena "Laney" (Laney is a difficult person, the sort that is disagreeable for no good reason.) and a group of hunters, who seek to rid the world of creatures like Gwen.
Family: Mother, Arabella (deceased). Father, Isaac. Adoptive mother, Wanda.
Ambitions: to help protect others (hunted by the hunters) and to adjust to her new life.
Educational background: taught solely by her mother.
Work: Hunts deer, squirrels, etc.
Hobbies: Hunting, reading, exploring.
Marital Status: single
children: N/A

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