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Subject: What would you name these characters?
Author: aspiring author   (guest,
Date: August 17, 2012 at 6:49:51 PM
She is in her late twenties, owns a performing arts school for children in preschool to senior year of high school, where she teaches dance, acting, and singing classes. When she was twenty-four, a neighbor left her small children, a boy aged three and an infant girl, with her and never returned. She took the kids in and became their foster mother, with the hopes of adopting them.

This woman has brown eyes, brown hair, and an easy smile. She is beloved by all her students, hard working, and feisty.

The boy is mature for his age, wants to be a man, and is very protective of his foster mother. The girl is sweet, innocent, vivacious, and unassuming.

What would you name the foster mother, the boy, and the girl?

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