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Subject: The Demise of Dextra & Chaz (Warning: Curse Words)
Author: Billina   (Authenticated as Billina)
Date: August 18, 2012 at 3:44:21 PM
Reply to: The Build-a-Story Game, Resurrected: ROUND ONE! by Viola Eponine
All right, my story is set in the present, my main character gets into a fight, there is a recurring metaphor/motif of fire/smoke, and I must make a reference to a quote from a book in each round. Obie-kaybie.

Dextra Phillips knew, from the moment she got up that morning, that Chaz was going to break up with her. She could tell from the way he sounded on the phone the night before that he was bracing himself for a, "We can still be friends" talk. Still, she agreed to meet him at Old Town Coffee to hash it out, since it was only fair to let a guy break up with you in person if that's what he wanted. Chaz wasn't much, but at least he was decent enough to meet her face-to-face.
Dextra rolled out of bed and shimmied into a pair of skinny jeans. She had gained a little weight and it showed, mostly in her hips. She sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair, lit a cigarette, and headed out the door to start her Spectacularly Shitty Day.
Old Town Coffee was slow that morning, much to Dextra's relief. Chaz, her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, sat alone at a table, fiddling with his iPad and drinking a black coffee the size of his head. He waved her over, and she sat across from him.
"You want anything?" he asked her. Dextra shook her head, and Chaz put his iPad away. He folded his hands and stared her in the eye, clearly nervous.
"If you're gonna say it, say it," said Dextra. "Don't keep me waiting."
Chaz blinked.
"So you know?" he asked.
"Yeah, I kind of figured when you called me last night. It was in your voice. So obvious. " Dextra figured that jaded sarcasm was the right attitude to take at this moment. Sarcasm had served her well in her twenty-two years.
"I guess I'm not a hard egg to crack, huh?" he said, a goofy smile spreading across his face. "I should have known you were too smart to not figure it out."
"I suppose," said Dextra. "Look, stop screwing around and just tell me, all right? I have to go to work in a couple of hours. I just want to get it over with."
Chaz's smile wilted a little, but then he laughed.
"Dex, you're unbelievable," he said. "I've never met a girl who would react to it the way you just did."
"Huh? What are you talking about, Chaz?"
"Well," he said, locking her in that stare. "I...want you to move in with me."
"What? You want to what ?" Hardly the smoothest response, but Dextra couldn't believe what she was hearing.
"I want us to live together," continued Chaz. "I know you and I have had a few missteps, but- "
" Missteps ?" said Dextra, the color rising in her face. "Are you fucking serious ? Chaz, you cheated on me just two weeks ago, and now you want me to live with you?"
Chaz calmly took a sip of his coffee.
"I had a feeling you'd bring that up. Dex, I swear, she meant nothing to me. We were both drunk, and shit happens, you know? I love you . That's what matters, isn't it?"
Dextra took out another cigarette and lit it. There wasn't any smoking allowed indoors, but she didn't care.
"What matters, Charles," she said, as coolly as she could. "Is that I didn't dump your ass after it happened, when I really should have. But no, I had to be an idiot and give you another chance. Now you want me to shack up with you, and I don't're a real ASSHOLE, you know that?"
Chaz stirred in his seat.
"That's kind of harsh," he said.
"Well, tough," said Dextra. "You know, I came here thinking you were going to break up with me. You have a lot of nerve."
"The same could be said for you," he snorted. "What kind of person calls their boyfriend an asshole after he tries for a bigger commitment?"
"But that's exactly it, Chaz," she said. "You never would have done this if you hadn't cheated on me, first. You're trying to hang onto something that isn't there, anymore. You grew just as tired of the relationship as I did, so you fucked some stupid chick to get out of it. Just admit it, all right? Stop acting like a phony."
"Okay, Holden," Chaz sneered. "You want to end it? Fine, it's over. Your wish is granted. But remember, you gave up, not me. You couldn't get past ONE lousy hurdle."
Dextra stood up and leaned over, cigarette still burning between her fingers. Her face was inches from his.
"Get past this hurdle, Charles," said Dextra, as she extinguished her cigarette on Chaz's forearm. He yelped as she twisted a burning circle in his white flesh.
"Hey, what the hell is going on there?" shouted the barista behind the counter. Dextra left before anything else could happen. She unbuttoned her skinny jeans and tossed the cigarette butt in the gutter as the sun peeked through the clouds. The Spectacularly Shitty Day wasn't looking so bad anymore.

Well, I didn't follow the rules to a tee, but it's not THAT bad for a story I banged out in ten minutes. :)

"An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way."
-Charles Bukowski

"And by the way, dearie, your punctuation sucks canal water!"
-The ghost of Vivian Vance

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