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Subject: Five Characters
Author: Fleur   (guest,
Date: August 24, 2012 at 11:24:11 AM
For my current book, I have a group of immortal nineteenth century werewolves. They are a group of antagonists (all but #3 on the list) The names and descriptions are below:

Male, 19: (kinda pictured him as Oliver Goodwill in the Evanescence video "Call me when You're Sober) Personality-wise he is arrogant and cold, but charming when he wants something. Alpha and main antagonist.

Female, 19: The male's mate, and Beta of the pack. Fair-haired and blue eyed. Cold and cunning, but she's more blunt with it.

Female, 20: Omega of the pack. She doesn't realize the rest are evil. Brown haired, hazel-eyed. Sweet and quiet.

Female, 17: African American girl. Smartest of the pack, and the mastermind of their schemes. Very pretty, but it's buried under her cold demeanor.

Female, 10: Asian descent, with black hair and violet eyes. Was bitten hundreds of years ago, and is the oldest (not physically, of course.) Her age doesn't stop her from being the fiercest killer in the group. Secondary antagonist.

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