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Subject: Re: Character surname help
Author: Shadowfax   (Authenticated as Shadowfax)
Date: September 4, 2012 at 3:20:56 PM
Reply to: Character surname help by Coco-Poco
For the family with an English surname, how about:
[Watson] or Walters,
[Braddock] "broad oak"
or [Kingsley] "kings clearing"

For the other family, how about:
[Tesarik] Czech "carpenter"
[Radic] Serbian/Croatian "caring"
[Zoric] Croatian "son of Zora (dawn)"

Here is each each possible pairing:
Mona and Clay Watson
Amelia Watson
Emmeline Watson/Emme Watson

Mona and Clay Walters
Amelia Walters
Emmeline Walters/Emme Walters

Mona and Clay Winter
Amelia Winter
Emmeline Winter/Emme Winter

Mona and Clay Braddock
Amelia Braddock
Emmeline Braddock/Emme Braddock

Mona and Clay Kingsley
Amelia Kingsley
Emmeline Kinsley/Emme Kingsley
Adriana Tesarik
Debrovno Tesarik

Adriana Radic
Debrovno Radic

Adriana Zoric
Debrovno Zoric

How this helps! Good luck with your story!

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