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Subject: Mr. Ethanson visits the alienist
Author: MoonAgeDaydreamer   (Authenticated as MoonAgeDaydreamer)
Date: September 18, 2012 at 2:20:45 PM
Reply to: Send Your Characters to Therapy (Kicking and Screaming) by Viola Eponine
I gather the word "alienist" and "psychologist" were used pretty interchangeably by 1904, when I'm imagining this visit takes place, but when doctors testifying in criminal cases they were almost universally "alienists." Since Alexander Ethanson would probably only be familiar with the field by reading the newspaper on such criminal cases, it seems more fitting to be the word he would pick.

Mr. Ethanson did not slouch. Though it was February in England, he had no coat to hang up, not hat to balance on the hook. His hands gripped the ends of the armrests, making the smooth, sparse skin surrounding his scars as pale as the scars themselves.

"Would you like me to tell you about my dreams, doctor? I hear that's the fashion for curing mad men these days."

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