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Subject: Re: Girls names that work with the surname Salinger
Author: Phebe   (Authenticated as PDT)
Date: September 19, 2012 at 8:32:46 AM
Reply to: Girls names that work with the surname Salinger by Winter Roisin
First thing that popped in my mind was Julie, I don't know why.

But tell me more about the character:
- Age
- Background

What I did for some of my characters was look for popular names in the (approximate) year of birth (on this site in the Popular names section)
I look for names used in the region my character (or anchestors) live or came from.
Then I look at the meaning of the names, do they fit my character, is the meaning a description of my character or a certain trait my character has.
This usually gives me a list with some names (sometimes just a few, other times a longer list)
From this list I choose the ones I like best and write them down with the last name.

For other characters I've chosen names from certain regions or with specific meanings.
'Fire' and 'Royal' where a few very important elements I needed to use with some of my characters names [i](I write fantasy so using an unusual names or 'creating' a name using existing words in ancient languages sometimes works great)[i]
I looked at the name themes section of this site, and I used the 'meanings' option in the 'search' box.

Most of my characters have more than one name, they are named after family members or I used several names with different meanings that gave the most accurate description of my characters.

Hope this helps, good luck finding a name.

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