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Subject: Ovid opened the door to the small office...
Author: Parfaitcheri   (Authenticated as sarinvae)
Date: September 19, 2012 at 1:05:34 PM
Reply to: Send Your Characters to Therapy (Kicking and Screaming) by Viola Eponine
Meet Ovid. Some of you may remember my characters Aurelia, Saul and Logan. Well they're part of a greater organization that is led by Ovid. This is slightly AU because Ovid would first of all never go to therapy ever and secondly because he dies. But I felt like he would be the most interesting character to write for, for this.

...and sat, very calmly on one of the plush chairs. Crossing one leg over the other and hitching his hands over his knee he looked straight ahead. In front of him was a therapist, a beady little thing if he'd ever seen one, but the diplomas hung on the wall of the warmly lit room told him that apparently anyone, even a mousy, whiny little creature like this one could become an accredited doctor.

Punctuality was important to Ovid. Whoever held the time also held the power. Which is why Ovid purposely strode into his appointment with only ten minutes remaining in the time slot. It was why he continued to sit there. Because while punctuality was important, so was dominance. And Ovid wanted to make sure that during these mandated therapy sessions the therapist was well aware of who had the power here. Of who was in charge and who was dominant. And that person was Ovid.

For nine minutes Ovid sat in that chair, legs crossed and hands closed over his knees. For nine minutes Ovid stared right into the eyes of the therapist. He did not blink. He did not speak. He simply scowled and leered. He made a point to look as commanding as possible, which was something Ovid was very, very good at. And to the therapist's credit, they maintained eye contact for the entire nine minutes.

And with one minute left Ovid spoke: "Let me make one thing very clear," he said, "I am required to be here. You are infringing on my time. My very, very valuable time. I'll not play games with you. You will ask me questions and I will answer them. I have been through three wars and watched countless people die. Friends, family, enemies. Many of those people I disposed of myself. I have run a profitable and powerful military organization for nearly fifty years. You will not sit here and try to goad me. You will not try to trick me. You will not spout psychobabble bullshit at me. You will speak to me in the manner which someone of my position is due. And if you can do that, then we will have a proper and professional arrangement. We will resume tomorrow."

With that Ovid stood, straightened his suit, opened the door and left the room without a single glance at the therapist. But the next day he walked back into that room and sat down in that chair, in the same position he had before, and waited for the therapist to begin.

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