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Subject: Tooting came from behind the door
Author: klundtacular   (Authenticated as klundtacular)
Date: September 19, 2012 at 10:42:53 PM
Reply to: Ladies and gentlemen, Ms. Verna Malloy by Billina
and a man's voice rumbled, "Don't you go down that hallway, Harry!" In walked a portly man carrying a plate of some form of fish in one hand and a puppy in the other. He glanced around the room approvingly at the seven boxes of tissues placed around the room on any and all smooth surfaces. He walked over to the seated woman and trust the fish in one hand and the puppy on her lap.

"I must," he almost sang as he shook his hand, sending white flakes from his shoulders farther down his jacket, "gather up that naughty Harry!" The man ran out of the room at a speed hardly anyone would expect he could reach, and no less than thirty seconds later he reappeared sweating and out of breath with one more puppy in his hands mumbling, "Naughty, naughty." The man did not smell... glorious but when his backside backfired, Verna Malloy and anyone in the tri-state area could tell where it came from.

He grabbed a handful of tissues and wiped his forehead. Next he strode back over to the stunned patient and grabbed the first puppy for a moment looking at the plate and then back at the puppy. Then the puppy went back onto the women's lap so he could take the plate with his chubby fingers with long fingernails. Here he leaned down and said, "Carp? It's quite good." The woman demured with wide eyes as white flakes fluttered to the ground and on her skirt. He good doctor shrugged and went over to the other seat next to the desk. He placed the plate on it and then stuck his fingers in his pocket. When he retrieved them he said, "Pudding?" and shoved them towards the patient. The puppy on her lap looked confused.

~Raging and quivering female mass of hormones and tosser of Dark Side Cookies™ (trade marked by Etoile)

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