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Subject: Ovid watched the small scene play out
Author: Parfaitcheri   (Authenticated as sarinvae)
Date: September 20, 2012 at 8:36:20 AM
Reply to: The man got up and walked out the door, locking it by klundtacular
And he listened to Dr. Soto as she spoke. His mouth pressed into a thin line that was as close to a smile as he ever got and decided that he admired her cleverness. He wasn't fond of the 'bait and switch' technique but he could without a doubt respect it.

"Truth be told Dr. Soto," he began, leaning back into the chair, "I had my people compile a profile on you. Imagine my surprise when I walked in yesterday to see a man in your place when I was expecting a woman. Not that it matters of course. Just good to know that my subordinates didn't make the unfortunate mistake of profiling the wrong person as I had originally thought. I was disappointed with them yesterday. You can understand why. I tell them to do a task and it appears they did it phenomenally wrong. But of course they, in actuality, were correct. Nobody has to be reprimanded now."

He paused to uncross his legs and lean forward in the chair. It might've been plush but he felt like he was sinking into it and that wasn't doing his back any wonders. "As far as why I'm here," he sighed, "my wife died. And my colleagues, who have been good friends of mine for some fifty or sixty years now, felt it would do me some good to talk about it. Something about being 'off-balance' ever since her death. I initially refused their suggestions, but Helea went and got the king to mandate it. If I refused, he'd seize control of my organization. And he and I are... not fond of one another, so that was out of the question."

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