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Subject: Re: Dia Tiernan...
Author: La Reina   (Authenticated as La Reina)
Date: September 20, 2012 at 11:44:02 AM
Reply to: Re: Dia Tiernan... by Viola Eponine
"All right then, if you say so," Dr Farkas nodded slowly. He scribbled something into a notebook he held - Dia suspected it was a note about her behaviour, or perhaps a reminder to address the matter again later. "But I must tell you that despite what they say, therapy is painful at first. You will need to be ready to face memories you'd rather not disturb, or to talk about things that you might prefer not to. If later than sooner, you will eventually have to, or we won't make any progress at all."

He paused here for a moment, brownish-hazel eyes meeting hers from behind those spectacles. Now that they were in closer proximity, Dia could see that his spectacles were cracked at the corner.

"Are you ready to try it now? We'll take care, and I won't make you do anything you really don't want to."

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