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Subject: Meet Alex Anne Schuyler!
Author: miakendall1075   (Authenticated as miakendall1075)
Date: September 20, 2012 at 2:38:58 PM
Reply to: Character Survey... with a twist! by Etoile
1 Alexandra Anne Schuyler
2 Yes. Alex, I chose to be called Alex, so I like it.
3 August 11th, 1997. 15.
4 Glastonbury, Connecticut. Yes.
5 I'm 5' exactly. About 80 pounds. I'm really tiny.
6 My hair is chocolate brown, in between shoulder-length and halfway down my back. I normally straighten it and put it in a ponytail.
7 My eyes are blue-gray.
8 Very light. I burn easily!
9 I've got real long fingers. Perfect for piano!
10 No
11 I have two little sisters, Samantha "Sam" Jane is 12, and Josephine "Jo" Emma is 10. I'm really close with them and my parents.
12 My best friend is Maddie Kingston. She's really sweet, she has curly blonde hair and blue eyes. We've been best friends since 3rd grade, when she moved next door. She loves to have fun and play soccer.
13 Diana Oliver, Jill Anderson, Kyla Nolan, Caitlin Smith, and Cara Anderova. Diana is really smart and kind of shy. She has straight black hair and dark eyes. Jill has caramel wavy hair, and matching eyes. She loves to sing and dance. Kyla has curly brown hair and green eyes. She loves gymnastics and ballet, she's quiet and always kind. Caitlin has wavy red hair, green eyes, and tons of freckles. She's outgoing and a bit of a tomboy and loves basketball. Cara has straight light blonde hair and blue eyes. She's normally quiet but is really crazy with friends.
14 Pretty much all my classmates....
15 Pretty much anything. Normal...ish.
16 Get married, have kids, become a pro soccer player and be in the Olympics...or a doctor.
17 Live in the moment, but plan for the future.
18 Soccer. And piano, reading, watching TV, running, rollerblading, singing, dancing...etc
19 Pop, 80s, classical. Love the Hunger Games. And Harry Potter.
20 Jeans and t shirts in the fall/winter, shorts and tanks in the summer. I like it, sometimes I want to wear fancy stuff though.
21 Lime green.
22 In my soccer bag, cleats, soccer ball, my uniform, deodorant, other necessary stuff, like lip gloss...
23 Ice cream and French fries
24 Pollen
25 Soccer ball, phone, iPod, piano, cleats
26 My family.
27 Um...I'm in 10th grade? So, up until then, I guess.
28 I babysit. Yeah, I'm 15, so...
29 The other team.
30 It's nice, 5 bedrooms, a playroom, a basement, an office, a nice neighborhood.
31 I'm really funny. :)
32 I always say what's on my mind. That can be a bad thing. Trust me.
33 Um, a funny, sweet girl who is obsessed with soccer.
34 friends see me the same, I think. Others...a girl who's obsessed with soccer.
35 My first soccer game on the 7th grade school team. I scored 3 times!

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