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Subject: Re: Ovid watched the small scene play out
Author: klundtacular   (Authenticated as klundtacular)
Date: September 22, 2012 at 12:24:24 AM
Reply to: Ovid watched the small scene play out by Parfaitcheri
Forgive my tardiness.

Dr. Soto nodded her head as he spoke and pressed her hands together so that the top of her index fingers touched the middle of her mouth. “I’ll give you a list of points that instantly come to my mind and we’ll tackle them in the order you see fit. I’d like to know about your wife; tell me one moment—no matter how small—that typifies who she was and another for how you functioned together. I’d also like to know if you agree with their assessment that you have been ‘off-balance’ since the dead of your wife. How have you been dealing with grief or are you even allowing yourself to grieve?

Dr. Soto has failed to mention to Ovid that the king had forced her to see him during the exact time of Ovid’s appointment yesterday. She had had Charles wait with a glorious apology. Unfortunately Ovid had not shown up but for the last ten minutes. Divulging that information would only agitate the man and now she had a much better idea of why the king had summoned her in the first place—to screw with Ovid. What a childish, and in the end impotent, tactic. She filed this all away so as to focus on her visitor’s explanation.

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