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Subject: Re: Character Survey... with a twist!
Author: miakendall1075   (Authenticated as miakendall1075)
Date: September 22, 2012 at 8:00:14 AM
Reply to: Character Survey... with a twist! by Etoile
1 Adelyn Mitchell
2 Everyone calls me Addy, I like it.
3 I was born in 2007 (It's 2021 now) and I'm 14
4 I was born in Colorado Springs and I still live here.
5 I'm short and thin, like my mom.
6 My hair is black and straight, like my mom's hair.
7 My eyes are deep blue, like my dad's.
8 I have medium skin. I'm half Asian, half Caucasian.
9 They're small.
10 No, I'm just really short.
11 I have an older sister, Gwen, who's 16, and a younger sister Brook, who's 8. I love them and my parents to pieces. We're also really close with my "extended" family (We aren't actually related).
12 I have 2 best friends, Izzie O'Neill and Jessa Jackson. They're part of my "extended" family, along with their parents and siblings.
13 I'm friends with the other girls in my class, and some of the boys, but there are too many to name.
14 There's the Fearsome Four in my class, who no one likes. Then there's my extended family. Uncle Jack and Aunt Sam, and their kids, Ari, Annie, Izzie, and Mira. Uncle Daniel and Aunt Janet, and their kids, Theresa, Jessica, and Vanessa (Tessa, Jessa, and Nessa). And there's Cassie and Ryan and their daughter Carrie.
15 Pretty much anything.
16 Go to college and become a medical doctor like my mom and Aunt Janet. Get married, have kids.
17 Study -> college -> med school -> doctor!
18 I like to hang out with Izzie and Jessa, with my family, have barbecues at Uncle Jacks, shop
19 I like pop music, funny, scifi, and Disney movies. I like to watch medical dramas with my mom, and listen as she points out the inaccuracies. I especially like the one in which the main character looks like Uncle Daniel.
20 Well, for school, I wear a uniform, polo shirt, skirt or dress pants, knee socks, and black shoes. Obviously, I hate that. But otherwise, I wear jeans and a t shirt, and dresses and skirts on occasion.
21 Red.
22 Money, makeup, gift cards, gum.
23 I like my mom's chocolate chip cookies.
24 Bee stings. There was quite a scare back in first grade.
25 My picture of our extended family, my cellphone, my diary, my mini SGC uniform, and my science experiment kit.
26 My diary. Because if someone got a hold of it and read it, national security would be compromised.
27 I'm in ninth grade. I completed middle school.
28 I babysit.
29 parents have a lot of enemies, being intergalactic travelers and all. So...the big ones. The snakes, bugs, and religious fanatics. (I'm not allowed to disclose national secrets, ie, what they're actually called.)
30 It's nice, the stereotypical white picket fence house, I have my own room and it's close to my friends and family.
31 I'm helpful.
32 I'm too helpful sometimes.
33 A girl who's very driven to become a doctor.
34 A girl who's a know it all when it comes to anything medical.
35 My first trip to Atlantis with my whole family.

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