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Subject: Re: Anger Management with Thea Campbell!
Author: lakin5   (Authenticated as lakin5)
Date: September 22, 2012 at 10:14:46 PM
Reply to: Re: Anger Management with Thea Campbell! by Billina
Dr. Keller just earned some major respect from Thea, maybe he wasn't as week and pathetic as she thought? Challenge accepted.

"Well then, how about this, my mom and dad were tend to not be home very often because their both workaholics and when I was me and my little brother Xavier were always stuck with a babysitter. After I turned fourteen, I was stuck babysitting Xavier until this were when finally he turned fourteen. Xavier is a little sneak too, putting up video cameras and earring devises in my room for blackmail later. Also he used to gush over my best friend, Ellie, like a pathetic little puppy dog, and desperate enough to try anything to get her to date him. Thankfully, Ellie had sense enough to reject each time, though; she could have been more aggressive about it, but I guess, that's not how Ellie is. Now, my brother is basically hits on every girl imaginable because of his 'swag,' his words not mine, and they actual date him. My brother went on my dates in a weak then I did in four years, how is that fair?" Thea started, while Dr. Keller looked pleased.

"Then my parents have ridiculous high standards for me, like this for an example by making me retake my SATS just because 'I could done better' I got a 1680, A 1680, but they expect nothing nothing less than a 1900. And my mom trying to get my to act more lady like and that does not include getting in to fights."

Thea thought back some more and, suddenly, a nerve was hit.

"Oh, and how can I forget about about Kyle's ex girlfriend, Melena Gonzales, was she the sweetest? NOT! She was so awful, first she spends all this time with Kyle that when I wanted to hang out with him. He was too busy with her and was almost ignoring me. Then she nearly broke my friend, Katie's ankle during one thier soccer games, luckily Melena was kicked off the team after that. She did everything to keep me away for Kyle and I had to tell her to back off, but she just went further. And she had the right to call me jealous, me jealous of her and Kyle, no freakin' way! I swear there is nothing, NOTHING, going on between me and Kyle! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! ALL WE DID WAS KISS ONE TIME, ONE TIME, AND IT MEANT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! IT WAS JUST ONE STUPID LITTLE KISS, THAT MEANT NOTHING TO ME, NOTHING," Thea was too occupied in her rage that she had no control of what she was saying, "IT WAS A ACCIDENT, JUST AND ACCIDENT, WERE CAUGHT IN THE MOMENT, I WOULD HAVE KISSED MY DOG IF THAT MOMENT WAS RIGHT! IT WAS JUST A STUPID KISS! THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON BETWEEN MY AND KYLE, NOTHING! I'M NOT IN LOVE WITH KYLE ANDERSON, I'M NOT! I HATE HIM, I HATE HIM!"

SHIT! Did I just say all that?!

Thea finally let out a soft cry before a fountain of tears followed. Though, Thea tried to hide the tears it was completely useless, a eruption went off and she was too week to stop them.

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