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Subject: Re: Character's last names
Author: Mercy Joy   (Authenticated as Mercy Joy)
Date: September 24, 2012 at 3:00:52 PM
Reply to: Character's last names by Mercy Joy
They live in New york, so they have a variety of ethnicity. Of course I never been to new york so i could be wrong? Different groups have in different areas in the city?
I think Rozgar, Azdar and Tzar and Izabella (orginally i was going to used Mazella or Hazel ) are russian/slavic-ish and english.
I think Riley is Irish/english? Haven't thought of ethnicity. I tend to leave that open to imagination Because I want the reader to relate to them, not force an image on them. People are somewhat lazy when things are not concrete, they forget that they can use there imagination.sorry I am in a pissy mood right now, it's not your fault....
Major Characters and minors in the story

Riley David Spencer-lead character
(Treznor)maybe Timothy for the first name,
Adrea Susan Kenley
Jeanie Kenley Spencer(-Riley and Adrea's daughter)
Silver, Nn Silvie(Daisy and Treznor's adopted kid)
(Silk)need real name
Azdar Carlos -needs a last name
Tzar Chrome- troubled Street kid-Kolvin's b-friend
Kolvin Daniel Spencer-Riley's cousin
Rozgar chrome, Tzar and Azdar's father
Izabella -Tzar and Azdar's mom

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