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Subject: Re: Thanks, guys. Really.
Author: Amphelise   (Authenticated as Chrisell)
Date: September 27, 2012 at 2:06:22 PM
Reply to: Thanks, guys. Really. by Alison
"You know, just as an FYI, usually critics start off with what they like before they go bashing."

Honestly? They don't. Real critics can be more vicious than any BtNer would dare to be.

If your dream is to be a writer, and you're willing to work very hard, then of course you deserve it. Having your teenage writing panned by internet critics is no obstacle to that; in fact for the current generation of writers it could be seen as a rite of passage!

The internet didn't exist as it does now when I was your age (I turned 15 in 1995) and frankly I'm extremely grateful that none of the drivel I wrote at that age was put on public display. I was too young and too inexperienced a writer, and adult critics would have been just as scathing as those dreadful screeds deserved them to be. And I would have been shattered.

Take heart - you've had something you worked hard on picked to pieces, but you're still alive, still fighting and still want to be a writer. That puts you well ahead of the game. If you can take criticism squarely, use it and develop better writing skills from it then you will grow into an excellent writer. Getting published is all about putting your work out there and risking the worst. If you can do that, you can do anything.


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