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Subject: Iris
Author: Fleur   (guest,
Date: September 29, 2012 at 9:27:45 AM
Reply to: How do you see a person with this name? by hk00468
(In my head) Iris is a nineteen year old college student (medical field). She's tall, with a slightly muscular build, bright blue eyes and a blond pixie cut that's begun to grow out again.

She has a sister, Hana (Iris is older by four years) and her parents are divorced-she lives with her mother and sister.

She's reserved, and thoughtful. Some people think she's a little dumb since she doesn't talk much. But when she does, there's such insight in there that it takes everyone back. She's an old soul who likes older things (like knitting, and listening to records rather than an iPod or CD) But she's also great with cars.

She likes poetry, animals, and books. She dislikes injustice, animal cruelty, and neglect of the environment.

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