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Author: Alison   (Authenticated as Myth Writer Dreamer)
Date: September 29, 2012 at 2:50:27 PM

Alexandria. Alec. Alexandria Destiny Melody Johnson.

That is who I always think about. She is the person that I will love forever. And I’ll be the person that she’ll love for all of eternity.

Too bad fate doesn’t agree with us.

I’m her uncle. She’s my niece. Therefore, our love for each other could have been frowned upon. Luckily, though, only a few people knew and understood why it happened the way it did.

It was always so hard loving someone so much…and never being able to love them the way they deserved. I was always fighting the urge to kiss her, to hold her, to simply tell her how I felt! It caused unbearable agony when I’d see her with her latest boyfriend. Even though I knew that he wouldn’t last a week.

That’s why I made the decision that I did.

I wanted to give her what she needed without people judging us—without that little voice at the back of my head that kept chanting This is wrong! every time I came close to telling her my feelings.

I don’t regret what I’m about to do. Hell no. But…I can’t help but wonder how she’ll feel when I tell her what I’m doing.

Chapter One:
The Reason

I took a deep breath to help steady my heartbeat. It didn’t make a difference. My hand shook as I knocked on the surprisingly wood-like diamond door.

“I’m coming!” Melody’s voice yelled from the other side.

Less than a minute later the door opened to a girl who appeared fifteen or sixteen with golden blonde hair up in a messy ponytail, and a smile on her pink lips that never seemed to falter since she had married my brother. Her diamond eyes, framed by dark eyelashes, never seemed to hold any hostile emotion toward anyone—not that I was expecting such a feeling from her. She wasn’t very tall—maybe 5’1” as of today. She was a healthy skinny, too, with tanned skin tightly wound around semi-hard muscles from all the exercise she gets. Her circular face made her look younger than she actually was, and a sense of helpless-angel appearance.

“Oh, hey, Josh. What can I do you for?”

“Is Kevin here?” I asked, peeking over her shoulder.

“Yep. Come on in, and I’ll go get him for you.”

I nodded, and followed her into the living room where I sat on her couch while she disappeared down the hall. She reappeared with my brother’s arm around her shoulders. My brother’s hair was black as night, and just barely reached his eyes, and I was fairly sure that Melody had been trying to convince him to cut it lately. His eyes were a combination of liquid silver and gold. He was pretty pale for the most part, with just the faintest tan to give him some color, and it tightly wrapped around nothing but muscle.

While just a single look at the couple would have anyone wondering what they saw in each other from any passerby on the street, the rest of us—their friends and family—knew exactly what had drawn the two toward one another.

“What yah need, Josh?” Kevin asked with a voice that was about as hard as his muscles.

“Well, I, uh, need help with something.”

“Please tell me you didn’t get a girl pregnant.”

Even though the comment was meant to be joking, my face still drained with color at the thought of it.

“No. I’m having…relationship issues.”

Kevin’s eyebrows lifted up in shock at what I had said. “Uh, what kind of issues?”

I stood up, and began to pace as the words ran out of my mouth. “Well, I’m actually not in a relationship—but I am. It just hasn’t been made official, yet, I guess. See, I really like her, and I know she likes me, too.”

“I’m not seeing the problem here. How about you, Melody?” Kevin asked, looking down at his wife.

“Nope. Makes about the least bit of sense to me.”

Kevin turned his attention back to me as I sucked in a breath to continue. “Alright, Josh, skip all the explaining, and get straight to the point.”

“Okay, yeah, I can do that,” I said mainly to myself. “I can’t be with her…as me.

They looked at each other like they were questioning my sanity.

“No, hear me out!” I said as Melody opened her mouth. I laughed nervously—a very bad quirk of mine that raises the pitch of my voice. “The girl I like is Alec.”

Melody’s mouth formed an O while Kevin looked at a loss for words.

“Excuse us,” Melody said, tugging on his arm for him to follow her. They disappeared down the hall, together like always. Their voices are heard, but their words are a murmur and whisper to the air circulating around me. I sat down and attempted to regulate my breathing.

What have I gotten myself into? is the only thought cutting through the mist of words in my head. It’s not like I asked for this. If I had had a say in the matter with Fate, then I would’ve probably said something along the lines of, “And why am I the decided ‘one’?” What would that have solved? Nothing. Fate would probably get angry and curse me to Hell.

Josh?” Melody asked, shoving my shoulder to get my attention.

“Huh? Yeah?” I asked, looking up at her.

“Just to verify what you’re implying on the matter: You want to be reincarnated?”

I nodded, jerking my head with so much force in my eagerness that I fell off the couch. “So, are you gonna help me?” I asked, rubbing my forehead where a bruise was sure to form.

They glanced at each other. “Well, I can’t help you,” Melody said awkwardly.

“What do you mean? Do I have to go to Kat?”

“No,” Kevin answered for her. “What Melody means is that she can’t reincarnate you.”

“Oh,” I said, my tiny hope bubble popping right before my eyes as I looked down. I traced patterns on the coffee table to distract my mind from drowning in the sudden flood of my own blood and misery in the silence.

But,” Melody said loudly to gain my interest, “I think I know someone who can.”

I looked up at her doubtfully. “You either know or you don’t. There’s never an in between,” I said, standing up. “Thanks for your understanding. Goodbye.”

I started to walk toward the door, but Melody grabbed my arm. “Listen,” she said firmly. “You need to slow down, Josh. At the very least, I know where to go to find someone to help you.”

A giant grin broke out on my face. “Really? You’re dead serious about this?”

“As much as I disapprove of the ‘dead’ part of that sentence, yes.”

“Oh yeah!” I yelled, pumping a fist into the air. “Where do I go? I’ll go right now!”

“Slow down for a second. We are coming with you on this.”

I began to shake my head in disagreement, but she grabbed my shirt collar, jerking me down to her eyelevel to glare into my black eyes.

We are coming, or I won’t help.”

I sighed. “Fine,” I grumbled. She released me, grinning as she skipped away like a Miss Period.

* * *

I checked my phone for any missed calls or texts. Kevin had promised that he’d tell me as soon as they got some airline tickets, or if Melody had anymore “memories” that could help me. I sighed impatiently as the infamous zero blinked across my screen.

It was Saturday night, and Alec would be here any minute. It’s our personal tradition to meet each other every Saturday night—except on holidays, no matter how much she’ll complain.

I threw some popcorn into the microwave and go over my mental To Do list once again. Soda? Yes. Junk food? Yep. Couch? I peeked over to the living room as a double-check, though highly unnecessary unless Alec had suddenly decided she wanted to steal my black leather sofa. I mentally crossed out that one. Umm…what else? Oh, yes. DVD player? Television? I checked both of those off.

There was a confident knock at the door, and I went running to answer it. I tripped over the leg of the couch, falling flat on my face. The person knocked again, and I bounced back at a sprint. I took a deep breath, re-centering my coolness before I opened the door.

Alec stood there in her favorite pair of black skinny jeans, loose-fitting white t-shirt with the neckline that showed me her tattoo and black leather jacket. She smiled at me to show perfect white teeth, and her usually pink full lips were coated in a thin layer of red lip-gloss that she typically wore. She looked up at me with her round, dark blue eyes, and a single strand of dark brown hair that threatened to cover one. Her heart shaped face gave an illusion of sweetness, but she was more sarcastic and feisty than anything.

“A little help here?” she asked half-jokingly, nodding down to the chips and movie on top.

“Why’d you buy these?” I asked as I took the bag of Doritos from her.

“’Cause I felt like it,” she said with a wolfish smirk. “And I brought the movie.”

“What are we watching this time?”

“Uh…” She looked down at it. “Batman Forever.”

“Really?” I asked, smirking back at her.

“I just pick the first movie that I can find.”

“Well, maybe you should start reading through them.”

“But that would spoil the surprise,” she said as she pulled a bowl out from the cabinet and poured the popcorn into it. “I swear that you suffer from OCD or something.”

“I don’t have OCD.”

“Really? Because normal people eat popcorn right out of the bag.”

“Well, I’m not ‘normal.’”

“Obviously,” she said teasingly. “Come on, let’s just go watch the movie.”

“Alright, I’ll be there in a minute. Usual?”

“Nah, I wanna spice it up,” she replied from the living room. I rolled my eyes and grabbed all the junk food I could. I walked into the room and dumped it all on the coffee table. She picked up the first thing she could, which just so happened to be an M&M’s bag, tore it open, and dumped the contents into her mouth.

“I’m surprised we haven’t seen this one yet,” I commented, sitting beside her on the sofa.

She shrugged. “There’s a lot of movies we haven’t seen yet, and a lot to come.”

I shrugged, too, in reply to that.

Chapter Two:
The Plane

I packed up my things the following day. Kevin had called earlier to inform me that our plane leaves tonight. I packed just the basics—the bathroom necessities, clothes, and my phone.

I was hoping to tell Alec last night about what I was doing, but every time I opened my mouth, I’d choke on the words. What was holding me back? Why couldn’t I tell her? Maybe because I knew it would hurt her.

I suddenly remembered when she was younger, with zits that she’d always try to hide from me behind her hair. How every time she saw me, she’d break out in a giant grin, or would start messing with her hair. I remembered all the times that we had flirted from across the room, of all the moments we had spent together. Was I really attempting to surrender all of them to forgetfulness, time, and fate? Wasn’t there any way that I could possibly hold onto these keepsakes in the next life?

“Going somewhere?” Alec asked, throwing me off the train of thought that I had occupied.

“Uh, yeah,” I said, pretending to concentrate on something other than her expectant gaze.

“Well? Where you going?”

I looked at her. “I’m going to go to Greece…so that I can be reincarnated.”

She stared at me, all jokes and sarcasm completely drained from her tan face. There was nothing left standing between us at that very moment except for the tense air that seemed to be suffocating me. I wanted nothing more than for her to be happy. This was supposed to be the solution—the answer to the thing that’s keeping us from being together.

“You’re kidding, right?”

The question held a seriousness that I had never thought Alec was capable of. I was speechless. She thought I was kidding,that this was a joke.

“No, I’m serious.”

“So, you’re just gonna run off to kill yourself?”

I looked down. I couldn’t say no to that because that was exactly what I was doing.

She scoffed. “You’re unbelievable.”

“I’m tired of living like this, Alec,” I yelled angrily, spinning to face her fully. “I’m tired of not being able to be with you.”

“So you think suicide is the answer?” she hissed back.

“It’s not suicide! Dammit!”

“Then what is it?”

Reincarnation! I will come back!”

“Yeah, like that’ll happen.”

I was angry. No, I was beyond furious. Why was she—a Witch—unbelieving in my capability to do this?

We glared at each other. There was unspoken messages being sent and received from between us.

“I’m going whether you like it or not, Alexandria,” I said through clenched teeth.

She took a step toward me. Don’t call me that! her movements shouted at me as she came closer.
“Listen, Josh,” she sighed, seeming calmer and more reasonable, “you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“Oh, and you do?”

“No, I don’t,” she snapped at my fury. “I’m just…worried about you.”

She touched my arm, trying to will me to stay here with her. “This is what I have to do to be with you, Alec,” I said quietly, taking her hand off my arm so that I could hold it. “If there was some other way then I’d do it.”

She laced her fingers through mine, staring down at our hands instead of looking at me. “What if it’s not as easy as you seem to think it is? What if you forget all about me?”

“I could never forget you.”

I was just trying to comfort her. I knew I’d find her in the next life—that was a certainty. If I didn’t come looking for her, then she’d come for me. We’d be together.

Just as it should be.

“I gotta go,” I murmured quietly. I took her face in my hands, and kissed her forehead. “Promise me you’ll be alright when I get back.”

She smiled up at me. “I promise.”

I forced a smile back for her, and zipped up my carry-on bag before slinging it over my shoulder. I headed out from my bedroom, leaving her there.

We couldn’t say goodbye. That would just make this too hard. I knew that if she said it, then I wouldn’t leave. I also knew that if she heard it, then she’d probably start crying. It wasn’t really goodbye, anyway.

I was just out of the front door when I heard Alec yell, “Wait, Josh! Don’t leave yet!”

I stopped and turned around to look at her. She snatched my baseball cap right off my head, making my black hair fluff up over my eyes. She popped it onto her own, running her fingers through my hair to fix it.

“I just wanted a little souvenir to remember you by.”

I smirked.

* * *

The plane ride to Greece had been delayed due to bad weather across the Atlantic. I sighed, running a hand through my hair impatiently.

“Now what do we do?” I grumbled.

“We wait until the weather clears,” Melody replied as she played with Kevin’s hair. “Would you be mad at me if I braided your hair?” she asked him.

He looked at her as if to say Well, what do you think? “Is this your way of saying that I need a haircut?” he asked rather irritably.

“Yes and no. I actually just feel like braiding something, and Josh would yell at me if I tried to braid his hair.”

“Are you, by any unknown chance to me, pregnant?” I asked out-of-the-blue to distract her from attempting to French-braid my hair.

She opened her mouth, and there was no doubt in my mind that she was going to tell me off, but instead she merely closed it, looked at Kevin, then opened it again. This repeated for a few minutes. I was growing amused as I watched the concentration on her face, and then Kevin decided to pay attention to what was going on with his wife.

“What’s wrong with her?” Kevin asked me.

“She’s trying to figure out if she’s pregnant,” I said, chuckling as she started counting on her fingers.

“What? Of course she isn’t—”

Kevin stopped mid-sentence, and his eyes suddenly went wide. Ah, a double show, I thought as I watched them.

“Holy mother—”

“What?” Melody asked.

“I just had an ‘aha!’ moment,” Kevin said, staring straight ahead, but not seeming to see anything. Melody and I waited patiently for him to continue. Finally, he turned to Melody. “You’re pregnant.”

“What? No, I’m not,” Melody said, waving it off. “My period was exactly …”

She started counting the days on her fingers, and Kevin just rolled his eyes. “Your last period was over two months ago, Melody.”

She looked at him. “And how would you know?”

“Because every time you’re on your period, you call me a son of a bitch.”

Realization dawned on Melody’s pretty face. “Huh. Who knew?”

“You seriously do that?” I asked, eyebrows raised.

“Yes,” they said together.

“I can answer for myself,” Melody said, though it sounded more like whining. Kevin rolled his eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“Yep, you’re preggo,” I said, sitting back in my chair.

“I’m gonna call it Chocolate,” Melody said thoughtfully.

“And why is that?” Kevin asked, growing amused as he stared at her.

“Because I really want some chocolate,” she said simply. She looked at him with a puppy-dog face. “Kevin, will you get me some chocolate? Pretty please?”

He sighed. “I’ll be right back.”

As soon as he stood up, my phone beeped in my pocket. I quickly whipped it out. I got a text from Alec.

R u on da plane yet?


Y not?

Storms across da Atlantic

There was a pause. I sighed. I swore that if I saw her, then I was going to kill her…
My phone beeped in my hands. I looked at it.

I miss u

I sighed again. Why did she have to send that? Didn’t she understand how hard it was for me to leave her? I looked down at my phone.

I miss u 2

Do u have 2 g? Can’t u stay wit me?


I no. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean 2.


I just miss u so much. & wat if I don’t get 2 c u 4 a long time?



I love u

I waited for the response that I knew may very well not come. I don’t know why I had sent her that. What was wrong with me?

Alright, yes, I do love her. But…did I really have to tell her this way? I’ve had plenty of other opportunities to tell her, and yet I’ve chosen this? Through a text? When I was getting ready to die? Wow, talk about romantic, I thought sarcastically.

Another beep.

I love u more

I cracked a smile at that. Oh, did she now?

My entire world was set alight. I closed my eyes with about the biggest grin on my face. She loves me; she loves me; she loves me…

Ur sure?

I almost heard Alec laughing at me and my stupidity. I wanted to slap myself, but refrained from doing so because then I’d look like I’d gone insane.

“That was really stupid, Josh,” Melody said. I looked at her. “What?”

“You’ve been reading our private conversation?”

Sue me,” she said, sticking her tongue out at me.

I rolled my eyes at Melody’s childish ways. My phone beeped, and I was preoccupied from flicking her in the nose and telling her to mind her own business.

U still there?

Yea I’m here

Ur not boarding yet?

Alec, I swear dat if u cum here then I will never 4give u

Relax, cheese brain. I wasn’t cumin 2 c u. It’s 2 far.

I chuckled. Figures. Don’t get me wrong; I love Alec with all my heart and would do anything for her, but, let’s face it, she’s lazy.

When do u think u’ll b goin?

I dunno. It probably won’t b anytime soon, tho. Y?

Just wonderin

R u replacing me so soon?

Yep. & he’s a real cutie

Prove it

I waited patiently for the text that would insult my intelligence, but was shocked when I saw that I received a picture. I quickly searched for it, and sighed with relief as I saw Alec’s little brother, Drew.

“That’s a really good picture of Drew,” Melody commented.

“Would you mind your own business?” I snapped. More kindly, with extra forced sweetness, I added, “Please?

She rolled her eyes and leaned back into her chair.

Yep. He’s a real catch there, Alec. I hope u 2 r happy 2gether.

Kevin reappeared with Melody’s chocolate. “The storm’s clearing up, Melody, so you’re gonna have to put those away. We’re gonna board in a minute.”

Melody pouted as she put her chocolate in her pocket.

I g2g, Alec. I love u 4ever. ♥

I stuffed my phone into my pocket, and waited patiently for us to be able to board.

* * *
I try to always do right. Even if I sometimes fail.
* * *

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