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Subject: Re: ditto about the physical descriptions...
Author: Alison   (Authenticated as Myth Writer Dreamer)
Date: September 29, 2012 at 5:09:51 PM
Reply to: ditto about the physical descriptions... by RoxStar
Actually, my sister has Mitochondrial disease. It's very unheard of, but causes a lot of illnesses. -.- I'm sorry, it's not your fault at all, but I just find it insulting for you to assume that I don't know anything about it. This whole story was basically publicity for the disease because of my sister. Melody may even be based off my sister. (Hmm... something to consider, no?)

Also, as will be later discovered in the story, Melody's mother was working the entire time this was going on. She's a single mother that got pregnant at sixteen, so she has a lot of difficulty finding a job with only a high school diploma.

But thank you for pointing that out, because I hadn't even considered how that would make her mother look. Victoria is a very kind woman who I would hate to have people looking down upon. So truly, thank you.

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