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Subject: Re: Small, Fictional Town Name
Author: Tassiegirl   (Authenticated as Tassiegirl)
Date: October 9, 2012 at 10:12:51 AM
Reply to: Small, Fictional Town Name by Lillian
Everyone has given such good suggestions!

One suggestion is not to make your town's name too pretty. Although there are pretty-named towns/cities, but something more gritty sounds a bit more realistic.

My own town, in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, is named for a minor early 19th century British government functionary;that the place is 98% French-speaking is beside the point!

So, perhaps a look at the history of Indiana could yield a name, with maybe -ton, or -ville on the end of it.

Native America/First Nation names abound, but it's unwise to make them up;better to use one that already exists, and add River/Little/Falls to it.
Actually, Something Falls is always creditable, at least where I come from..not sure about Indiana. Wouldn't do for western U.S., of course.

another approach-Some places are named after places in the Bible-
Jerico Falls
Naserath River (misspelling, I think).

and there's always saints' names. The old joke about the Province of Quebec is that you think you're in Heaven there, as there are so many saints names.
you might hunt up an obscure saint.

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