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Subject: Re: How do you see a person with the name Scarlette?
Author: SlyRook   (Authenticated as Ivysonnet)
Date: October 10, 2012 at 12:22:48 PM
Reply to: How do you see a person with the name Scarlette? by hk00468
Hmmm... age eighteen, with long brunette hair that has large curls and sharp, green eyes.
I think she'd be outgoing, but difficult to genuinely get to know so she'd have the habit of coming off as almost shallow. However, if I was writing her, I feel as if she'd have that one friend who really knew her so it'd become apparent that she really did have a deeper side to her personality.

I'd picture her as afraid of thunder and as loving ramen noodles. She'd have an older brother and be living either with only him or a set of foster parents.

She's flirtatious and generally fairly happy-go-lucky in her day to day life, and if she has a pet, she absolutely adores it.

She likes dancing and classical music. She loves hats and Fall is her favorite season. :)

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