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Subject: Re: Name impressions
Author: Tassiegirl   (Authenticated as Tassiegirl)
Date: October 11, 2012 at 10:39:10 AM
Reply to: Name impressions by dramaelf
I understand where you're coming from, but for myself, (and using common sense) people, and characters,ARE their names.Everyone has their experiences with names, and the people who carry them...if, for example, you only knew one Cassandra in your life, and she was beautiful and kind, you'd have a good feeling for that name.but that would be only YOUR experience.

The common sense bit would indicate that, say, a boy names Falcon Turquoise probably had fairly liberal-minded parents, and being raised by them, would likely himself be the same. (although maybe not! some people rebel).

Dorian, I'd say, had parents who liked to read.("Portrait of Dorian Grey")-that's actually my only experience of the name.

Fanciful, far-out, yet popular, creative names are quite often given to children by
young parents, possibly to a first-born child..they will be surprised when there's a kindergarten full of same-named kids.

For characters, I like reasonably well-known names, within the parameters of time and place, I find it more believable. Then, they can often be given nick-names which really illustrate their personalities, and physical charactristics.

There! End of lesson! good luck with your story. :-)

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