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Subject: Re: Character Names
Author: RoxStar   (Authenticated as RoxStar)
Date: October 12, 2012 at 2:48:31 PM
Reply to: Character Names by ClementineFox7
Emerson Healy (12): A bit more of a girls' name than a boys, but doable.
Taylor Devereaux (14), sister Ruby (12): All right, I guess.
Erik Dion Fletcher (18): If this is a black guy, as the middle name would seem to indicate, maybe change Erik to Eric.
Noah Yi (18) Probably all right. A bit vowel-heavy. Noah Lee? Noah Chan?
James Holloway (22), twin sister Janey: Janey has to go. This is just not used, especially in this spelling. Also, twins are kind of cliche. James and Jennifer? James and Jessica?
Elam Fisher (24), brothers Hananiah, Jericho, and Canaan: Very Old Testament sounding. Fisher is a very common Amish surname, and an Amish person would be likely to use the name Elam. Not sure about Hananiah, but very unlikely an Amish person would use Canaan or Jericho. Let's pretend this is an Amish family; Elam, Jacob, David and Daniel?
Lee Hotchkin (25): Lee Hotchkiss? Lee Hodges? Lee Hodgson?
Todd Perello: That last name just doesn't seem to work for some reason. I don't know why. (28)
Jensen Nervetti (28), brother Blaine: Jensen doesn't work too well; when it's used at all lately it seems to be used as a female name. Also, Nervetti sounds like a joke, like he's high-strung or has bad nerves or something. Jeff Nunzio? Jeff Perretti?
Bradley Dawson (31) Pretty good. He'll surely go by Brad.
Silas Black (34): Too similar to Sirius Black, and Silas is not a name you see often at all on people that age. Sam Black or Steven Black, or keeping with the Biblical theme, Paul Black.
Glen Worlidge (34): Okay, but Glen is usually spelled Glenn these days.
Mikhail Markov "Misha" (40), children Aleksei, Viktor, Raisa, Zina, Timur, and Klara: Seems to work if he's Russian of some sort. Might be too many kids.

Adelaide Westbrook (10), siblings Brady, Lexa, Mason, Landon, and Mia: Adelaide is a bit out of place here. Addison would fit in better, as would Alexa or Alexis. Don't get too carried away with big numbers of siblings; if you have too many, they'll be harder for you to find things for all of them to do.
Mallory Baker (13), sister Lucy: All right.
Alyssa Rey (15), siblings Brea, Jojo, Lara, and Larue: Brea Rey? That doesn't sound too good. Jojo only as a nn within the family. Larue is way out of date and too similar to Lara. I'd make the siblings Brianna, Joseph/Jojo, (I'm assuming he's a boy) Lauren or Laura, and something else, maybe Kayla.
Ariana Porter (19) All right.
Jonquil Meyer (23), sister Jasmine: Jonquil is not a name you see hardly at all. Paired with Jasmine, it's very unbelievable and too flowery.
Annette Lichtenberg (27), daughter Gracyn All right.
Violette Laurent (30) If she's from French or is French Canadian, yes.
Marla Spickett "Marley" (42), daughter Sloane (3), son Maxwell (3) Are they twins? It seems you have several sets of twins here and my advice is to not overdo twins.
Sharise Lawson (46), children Deshawn (18), Tyreese (12), Kion (12), and Jazara (5) Maybe spell Kion Keon, that's how it's usually seen, and Tyreese is usually Tyrese. They all seem to go together.

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