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Subject: What would you name a character like this?
Author: TrollzForTeLolz   (Authenticated as TrollzForTeLolz)
Date: October 15, 2012 at 11:57:29 AM
I have a character in mind but I'm struggling to come up with a fitting name.
I'll try to describe him and hopefully someone can think of something :)

He is a male in his late teens.
He has a rough appearance, shaggy shoulder length hair sandy brown, old slightly tattered clothes, tan weathered skin.
Average height and build, not over muscled but nicely toned
He has black irises which look more like very large pupils.
He is an escaped servant for the gods.

I want him to have a strong name so it will stick in ones mind, but not too crazy or mythological.

I was thinking maybe Tristan, Jason, Hunter?

All suggestions are welcome :)

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