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Subject: After Party
Author: klundtacular   (Authenticated as klundtacular)
Date: October 21, 2012 at 10:37:10 AM
Reply to: Horror Story Prompt Game by Billina
A single, high-heeled red peep toe shoe lay discarded eight feet in front of the door. It looked lost as if hoping for a mate. The sole illumination in the room came from a ghastly jack-o’-lantern spilling its guts upon the wood floor. The flickering light made the red shoe’s sequins sparkle.

Ariadne narrowed her eyes to adjust to the dim lighting and held her hand up to quiet the man before he said anything. She would wear such a titillating heel—well she would have before her accident. Now she avoided crimson like the plague. She stepped forward to penetrate the room. Widespread chaos met her. A leather suitcase’s contents mimicked the carved pumpkin with white dress shirts and boxer shorts near. Peacock feathers mixed into the clothes. Ariadne’s head tilted to the left. The feathers she did not understand.

A click behind her followed by two more let her know he had attempted to turn on the lights. He must feel ineffectual, she mused while taking her phone out for the flashlight app.

“It was part of her costume.” His voice sounded harsh against hard floor and probably empty room. Her name was Lola, she kept that to herself. “She was a showgirl.” Ariadne stopped in place and snorted.

“Why do you do this to me, Andrew?”

“Shut up. You’re here to help me find her.”

“Are those yours?” she nudged toward the torpid clothing, realizing that they had not escaped unscathed. They had cuts in them like the vengeance of a woman left alone. Maybe the other high heel shoe did it.

“Yes, I was a traveling business man.” She rolled her eyes knowing he couldn’t see her. “I took a shower…after.” This only made her want to smack him. “I got out and couldn’t find her.” She sauntered off towards a closed door silently. “…Like a damn cat,” he mumbled. He had always complained about any time she’d gotten the better of him by sneaking up from behind. “That’s the bedroom.” She paused for a second before turning the knob and shoving the door wide open to catch any possible people behind it.

“Stay back,” she was firm and commanding; she knew he hated it when she spoke to him like that. Blood wafted into her nostrils—it was far more than a simple vial. She breathed through her mouth to avoid the smell. “Did she have children?” Worst-case scenarios filled her mind.

“I don’t think so,” her bottom row of teeth pressed against her top. How long had he spent with Lola before bedding her? She pressed the app for the flashlight and finally could see. It took her a second to realize the noise in her ear was really the grandfather clock and not her heartbeat. Then suddenly it stopped. She heard breathing behind her from Andrew. Cold air caused her skin to prickled. The flashlight surveyed the white carpet. Red marks smeared its pristine beauty and turned into upside down letters P-L-E-H. The clock began again and damn if she didn’t feel adrenalin course through her body. The second line contained a M and then the legs of a woman propped against the wall with blood dripping from her mouth and a gaping hole in her abdomen and finger covered in red.

“What did you do to her?” she turned on him even after knowing him for fourteen years. People were monsters who could surprise you with their depravity at a flip of a coin.

“Nothing, I didn’t do anything. What happened?” She flashed the light back at him and ran back into the entry. His entire body jerked, or rather flew, against a wall. His screams grew deeper, more feral.

~Raging and quivering female mass of hormones and tosser of Dark Side Cookies™ (trade marked by Etoile)

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