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Subject: Struggling with Character Names. Help!
Author: Millie   (Authenticated as ImSorryIfILoveYou96)
Date: October 26, 2012 at 2:09:03 AM
There are two seperate incidents I'm struggling with here.
#1 is, a 16 year old boy, twin brother to Ruthanne (who is the main character), he also plays a big role in the story so I would really like to get his name right. Originally he was Jackson, with Jack as a regular nickname, but I thought Jack was too common and boring so I changed it to Jaxon - and Jax / Jack was his nn. But then someone pointed out that Jaxon and Ruthanne didn't work as a twinset. So thus, after more searching, his name was Grayson. But I felt this to be too "posh", and the nn Gray didn't suit him. Initially I wanted a "-son" name but now I would just like anything that works. A name that fits with Ruthanne but that has a short strong nickname which he can usually go by. His personality is very strong, he is family-orientated and would do anything to protect and help those that he loves, if you cross him or his family he won't be responsible for his actions. His parents are Cameron and Kieran, and his middle name is Donald after his maternal grnadfather. Thank you in advance for your help.

The second one is a number of children born to the main character Imogen. Her first child - which the story focuses around because she has her when she is sixteen - is called Lucia Grace, Grace honours her late maternal grandmother. For the epilogue which is to be written from Lucia's perspective I need names for her three other girls - two of which are twins. In the epilogue Imogen is having her fifth and final child, who is finally a boy and they plan to call him Finley. I would really like three girls names in between Lucia and Finley that would make them a believable sibset. Thank you in advance for any ideas and suggestions.


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