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Subject: Re: First v Third person
Author: SlyRook   (Authenticated as Ivysonnet)
Date: November 9, 2012 at 6:38:29 PM
Reply to: First v Third person by AnastasiaE
Let's see, actually the preference for angle changes (at least with me ;) ) for each story. Some work better in third person, and some work better in first. Although I think it's kind of a 60/40 thing with third-person coming out on top 'cause I like the ability to be omnipresent (I wish :D ).

I prefer to read in third person, actually, because unless first is written really well I find that I get bored with the story because it can become a little lackluster sense-wise.

Hrmmm.... Third the same as the first probably, with the addition that quickly? First person is usually better because it's more of a direct dtream of conciousness, and third is generally better for a long, drawn out project because I like to add lots of detail and I have a small obsession with figurative language. :D

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