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Subject: Surname for Ezra
Author: Nyx   (Authenticated as Nyx)
Date: November 19, 2012 at 10:56:58 AM
I have a character in my mind for a story. His name is Ezra and he is sometimes called "EZ". He is the ultimate good guy character in my story, but has a dark, sometimes bad-boy feel.

He needs a strong, simple surname. The surname must be one-syllable, the syllable should be STRESSED, and I would prefer a harder beginning sound ("K", "D", or even "M" - but not limited to those examples - as opposed to "S" or "CH"). I also want a word-surname with a very evocative feel that captures either the "good guy" or "bad boy" persona. I've considered King, Duke and Moon but none are quite right (Moon is the closest).

While I'm at it, he could also use a middle name. Right now, I'm strongly considering Zavier (pronounced "za-vee-AIR") as a middle name for him. However, I am not set firm there. His middle name should start with Z (part of the EZ nickname), be three syllables, and be unusual or maybe even invented. I'm considering trying to come up with a "virtue" name (maybe switching the beginning "s" to a "z") or finding a name with a virtue meaning. Ezra is not fond of sharing his middle name, and I am wanting it to be a little different for that reason.

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