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Subject: Re: Send Your Characters to the Haunted Castle...
Author: dramaelf   (Authenticated as dramaelf)
Date: November 24, 2012 at 6:32:13 PM
Reply to: Re: Send Your Characters to the Haunted Castle... by SlyRook
"It sure looks like it," said Canto. "That's a pretty neat talent you got there. You some kind of magician or something?
"I can't do much besides fight demons and play this old violin here." He gestured to the small battered case. "I'm better at the first, honestly."
Canto looked down the chilly hallway, and saw nothing but shifting shadows. That guaranteed nothing, though. In any case, the absolute worse thing they could do was sit there waiting to be found by... whatever it was.
He turned to Aron. "Well, I'm real sorry to have pulled you into this mess, but we'll have to stick it out together. We shouldn't split up again. We'll need two sets of eyes in here."
With that he set off down the hall, towards a huge set of ebony doors.
"Give me a hand with these?"

We're all in the gutter, but some of us look at the stars.
~Oscar Wilde.

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