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Subject: Re: Send Your Characters to the Haunted Castle...
Author: dramaelf   (Authenticated as dramaelf)
Date: November 27, 2012 at 8:38:30 PM
Reply to: Re: Send Your Characters to the Haunted Castle... by SlyRook
"Looks like a monster to me."
Canto squinted in the dim light, but all he could see was a faint hulking shape and the outline of fur. But that smell was strong enough to give away it's presence- a mix of animal musk and dampness and grave dirt.
The creature growled again, so deep that Canto felt it in his chest. The thing had to be huge.
He'd only have one chance before it charged them. He slowly pulled his gun from his shoulder holster, his movement making the creature growl more fiercely. As he took aim, it crouched into a pounce.
The thing howled, just before Canto fired.
"Aron, get the drapes! Did I hit it?"

We're all in the gutter, but some of us look at the stars.
~Oscar Wilde.

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