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Subject: Re: Blind Characters
Author: Calla   (Authenticated as Book_Reader22)
Date: December 4, 2012 at 10:00:34 AM
Reply to: Re: Blind Characters by FVLBKH
Well RoxStar provided a few tidbits in your accidental second post so I won't copy those.

One of the blind kids I knew (okay, he was a few months older than me but whatever) lost his sight before he was one or two. When he was really young, anyway. Because of this he had memory of seeing. Vague notions of what his mother looks like, what his house looks like but that's about it. Now he "sees" by way of smell. His sense of smell may be a little heightened but really I think he could just pinpoint things better since he didn't have visual distractions. He always said everyone EVERYONE has a distinct smell, whether they wear product or not. That way even if someone is really quiet but near him, he could usually tell who it was by their smell. Which, according to him, was sometimes bad because this was high school and some boys refuse to use deodorant. Yucky boys! Likewise, he disliked being near the girls who wore the overly fruity/strong perfumes because it clouded him up. Kind of like how if you spend too much time at Bath and Body Works smelling everything and then you leave the store and every other smell is kind of dulled because you have too much cashmere glow and sweet pea residue up your nostrils.

One thing he always did, and Ray Charles did too, is constantly bob is head around. I asked him why he did it and he didn't know what I was talking about. After explaining it, he said, "no one else does it?" He just didn't know and he couldn't stop it. Was this a just-him type of thing? I'm not sure.

Technology--he had a special cell phone that he just had to talk into it and it would do everything for him call-related. But this was before cell phones got majorly huge (or right at the beginning, really) so he didn't use it much. He also had a portable itty bitty laptop that recorded lessons and he'd speak into it and it would read everything back to him.

Hm... he had a walking stick but he couldn't really use it in the school without whacking everyone to death so he usually had a guide. Someone from his previous class would guide him to his next class. He usually took that time to "accidentally" feel up girls. He was a bit of a perv, honestly.

At home he had a dog that knew he was blind. It wasn't specifically trained or anything. But they had it since it was a puppy and it just started taking care of him and looking out for him immediately. Dogs are sweeties :)

His sister was mean. She'd rearrange furniture so he'd knock into it all the time and she'd lock random doors and hide the keys so he couldn't get out. She was a holy terror.

He wasn't sensitive to his blindness at all. He didn't see why he had to be. Besides being a massive perv he fit in with a lot of groups at school. He was one of the best beat boxers ever so that gave him a certain status. When he was younger it'd frustrate him. Mostly because of his sister making it more difficult than it had to be. He'd get pretty depressed and throw tantrums and terrorize his family but like I said that was exacerbated by an evil sister and an unhealthy home life.

Annnnd I've gone on and on and on and on. So, I hope this helps :) I can say more if you need!

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