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Subject: 12 Days Game - Day 1
Author: klundtacular   (Authenticated as klundtacular)
Date: December 4, 2012 at 12:24:53 PM
This game will have 12 parts (you're now thinking: duh!). This work must be either self fanfic or completely new characters. You must use at least two characters in the totality of the 12 days game but each day does not have to be the same character(s). Each submission must be at least 100 words but no more than a million.

Common fanfic tropes

Day 1: you must use some reference or partial mention or shout out to A Partridge in a Pair Tree. How you do that is up to you. You must use the words snow and pontificate.

ETA you may skip a day or two depending on your schedule but real WR champions will stick it out and do all 12 prompts by the final day!

~Raging and quivering female mass of hormones and tosser of Dark Side Cookies™ (trade marked by Etoile)

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