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Subject: Dorian Part 2
Author: dramaelf   (Authenticated as dramaelf)
Date: December 7, 2012 at 8:03:08 PM
Reply to: 12 Days:Day 2 by klundtacular
Dorian parked the shuddering Toyota on the street in front of his Aunt Melanie's house. He figured it would be safe enough if he left it parked under a streetlight- not that any enterprising car thief would be bothered with this vehicle, but Cass would never let him live it down if her car was returned anything less than intact.
"Aunt Mel? I'm here."
"Dorian, that you? Hang on, I'll be right out."
He had time to see how she'd decked out the living room for the Christmas. The red and green sparkly garlands that hung from everything had a sort of ugly charm.
"You sure did destroy the house this year, Aunt Mel."
"Oh, shut up. I just enjoy the holiday." She smiled and hugged him.
They made idle talk over dinner about his work in the police department, and Mel's exploits in the 70's- this was her favorite topic, so Dorian mostly listened. Something else caught his interest after a while.
"Oh, well, I just wanted something of your mother's." A framed pencil sketch of two turtle doves hung on the living room wall. "I remember when she drew that."
Dorian remembered it too, but from somewhere else. "Wasn't that in my dad's office?"
"He wouldn't have minded."
"Just don't know why you'd want something from there."
"Dorian Hunter, you will not talk that way about your father." Aunt Mel was relentless in defending Dorian's father, even if her efforts were lost on Dorian.
Every time he tried to remember his father- hunched over scribbling on exams in his office, watching late night detective movies, his rough tweed suits and sarcastic life advice- all he could think of was his final murderous insanity.
"All right, Aunt Mel. I won't."

We're all in the gutter, but some of us look at the stars.
~Oscar Wilde.

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