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Subject: Day 2
Author: klundtacular   (Authenticated as klundtacular)
Date: December 9, 2012 at 9:19:48 PM
Reply to: 12 Days:Day 2 by klundtacular
As Parker blathered on about the new girl, for this so called AB was young (Killian hoped she’d at least graduated college), he thought of one of the moments that changed his life.

“Are you sure?” he implored while throwing himself on the stairwell. He begged to know if Hadley loved him again, that relentless love that rips you up and shames you. She refused to answer and the overhead light illuminated her face. Her long eye lashes trapped a tear or two and eye shadow sparkled from the glow. She was at her most raw and open; he knew the truth even before she nodded.

Killian entered the present and looked at the unknown young woman, who had caught the nasty sneer from Stephan. She was as tall as Hadley but with gray eyes and pale skin. She did not have the full lips but her face contained pronounced cheekbones. There was a vagueness here, a slight homage to Hadley. The girl, though beautiful, did not possess the same cold charm that Killian loved.

Then it happened, the most peculiar thing. Killian supposed it couldn’t be all that peculiar but it changed the landscape of things so dramatically that he found it astounding. AB the protégé smiled. That hint of hostility evaporated in to a glory that almost stole every emotion from him but joy. It combined a slight bit of mystery with a pinch of self-awareness and made her whole body relax.

He understood completely why Parker had chosen her. The man could train a woman to kill but to light up a room like that? It was sparkle of a different kind that could not be faked.

“Have you ever seen a hawk become a dove?” Killian asked Parker while AB left the group during the turtle soup. Stephan and Jaime reoccupied themselves with hostile silence. Stephan had visited her one night to make Jaime pay for messing with his personal life. Jaime managed to get the upper hand. Stephan came home limping.

“No, AB doesn’t become the dove. She mimics the dove well enough that no one dares think she’s a hawk.”

“I don’t think you know her as well as you think,” Killian mumbled as Stephan and Jaime took Parker's attention away.

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