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Subject: Re: Holiday Party Game!
Author: lakin5   (Authenticated as lakin5)
Date: December 15, 2012 at 10:01:08 PM
Reply to: Holiday Party Game! by lakin5
Note: In this story all the characters are animals, either wild forest or domestied farm animals. They look like humans but have the ears, horns, and the tails of whatever animal they are!


Bart was in the middle of stuffing his face at buffet table before interrupted by the irritating sound of his younger sister shuffling at him.

"What do you think you are doing?" She scowled.

Bart laughed causally, "Eaten! Come on loosen up, Dor, it's a party have some fun!"

"It's your fault that were are here in the first place. If you hadn't touched that orb we wouldn't be here!" Dory nagged.

Before they were transported to this strange place, the three goat siblings were in exploring an ancient structure when the stumbled on a magical orb. Bart being overly curious as he is, he made a mad grab for it and ended up teleporting them here.

"Hey, I didn't know that thing was magical, let alone sent us to this party! But I'm sure glad it did!" he said with a big smile.

Dory groaned knowing that it was pointless to continue arguing, instead she sat down at one of tables next to her sister.

"You're impossible!" Dory rolled her eyes as she watched her sister.

"Whatever!" Bart ignored before he continued to munch on his food.

"Come on Dory, listen to Bartie! Have fun!" the youngest Willa cheered happily.

Dory softened at her words and looked around the room before finding someone interesting enough to talk too.

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