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Subject: Day 4
Author: klundtacular   (Authenticated as klundtacular)
Date: December 24, 2012 at 1:48:01 AM
Reply to: 12 Days: Day 4 by klundtacular
Parker kept watch over Jaime more carefully and more controlled than the others. He had had special conversations with her and Stephon regarding this dinner. At first she refused, still displeased with the liberties Stephon had taken with her apartment’s lock in Vienna, the things he said to her during their altercation, and all the other things that had passed between them—hell all the things that had passed between all four guests but his student. Parker had convinced her by reminding her of the respect he had paid to her over the last nine months. He had designs tonight for Jaime that had nothing to do with the others.

The young student, Ariadne, wore a green, the color of holly leaves or Christmas trees, silk dress, something with a vintage feel, which must have confused the other men at the table, with its sophistication for how young they thought she was. The dark green sash skimmed her body from just under her bodice, which so cleverly intertwined with the halter collar—an effect that repeated on the back of the dress—to the effortlessly flowing skirt to her knees. Because she was tall, it would have gone to below the knee on an average woman. Ariadne, his excuse for a daughter, could not be average. And to prove this point, and the fact that she was not playing the carefully crafted part of entrapment for his enemies, she wore glittery dark silver leather platform pumps covered in a smattering of studded spikes. As she walked one caught a glimpse of the red undersoles. Somehow the shoes made the dress match having guns custom made to fit your hands.

Parker listened to his guests like birds chirping, teasing between some and jokes calling to their history. Ariadne must find it all so very dull. The most excitement he’d seen from her all evening happened with her present and then just after when she told Stephon he would not be fulfilling his French request. (A snowball in hell would have a better chance than Stephon with Jaime anyway.) But, he mused, if he asked her, Ariadne would adamantly inform him she found the evening enlightening. The poor child wanted to know more about his background and hoped she could garner insights to his life.

The staff removed the plates and he gave a apopemptic glance to the bird he’d destroyed. Parker so enjoyed superior food. He gave a private smile at the thought because he had always enjoyed superior things. It had always gotten him in trouble with his father. How the might fall. Eventually he would fall. He looked around at his guests. These are the people he depended on for a legacy.

My dress in green and my shoes

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