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Subject: Thank you!
Author: JessaRose   (Authenticated as dancingintherain)
Date: January 14, 2013 at 12:18:59 AM
Reply to: A swede has spoken... by Julia Elisabeth
Thank you, the only language other than English that I know anything is German, and even then I've forgotten most of what I've learnt. It never occurred to me to look up words like guardian or protector.

I'll admit, Frälsarenstadt was actually a bit of a tongue twister for me to say. I want my city names to be cool and foreign, but being able to say them is important to.

Thanks for pointing out that frälsare is connected to Jesus. The Einar are not really tied to any religion, at least not a Christian one. I'm contemplating creating a multi-God belief for them, but I'm not sure.

I really like the way Väktarstadt looks and sounds; I love umlauts. I'm also contemplating the suggestions of Fackelstadt, and then maybe using Väktare, Riddare or Beskyddare as titles for powerful Einar guardians. You've given me a bit to think about, thank you for confirming these for me!

Thank you for the suggestions about the writing, I'll look into making it smoother... it would be an easier way to get into the story, and into Sylvia's head, this packing idea. The Einar revelation is a bit sudden how it is at the moment.. and yeah, I'll have to work on the dialogue, make it more realistic. Thanks again :)!

EDIT: I think I might go with Väktarstadt for this particular village, and then one of the other places like that, which is located on island, I'm contemplating calling Fackla Isle, (or something else to do light up or illuminating, or even eradicating)? Riddare would be a top job for the Einar...

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