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Subject: Re: Help me with opening lines?
Author: Billina   (Authenticated as Billina)
Date: January 21, 2013 at 1:11:03 PM
Reply to: Help me with opening lines? by trepak
Let me explain.

-I think people start stories this way because they think it will make things easier for the reader, but that's not *always* the case. I totally understand wanting to "hook" your audience, but sometimes a little build-up is a good thing. This super-blunt technique can hit you over the head, and not in a good way.

Dead people are annoying. Avoid them at all costs.

-Doesn't make me want to read more, but that's just me. It sounds like a story about an emo kid who speaks to dead people, a la "The Sixth Sense". Maybe that's not really what the story is about, but again, I'm just going by opening lines, here.

"An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way."
-Charles Bukowski

"And by the way, dearie, your punctuation sucks canal water!"
-The ghost of Vivian Vance

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